November 25

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. The girl and I went shopping. I baked 8 cakes, I took the girl to and from the animal shelter where she volunteers, and I know I did something else…I had to have. I was ready to drop at 5 last night.

So, in an effort to keep things real around here, I am going to expose myself totally, completely, and irrevocably, and horrifically.

For those that know me well, please do not faint.

I left my kitchen a mess when I went to bed. Shocking, I know, but there it is.

Rarely…rarely…rarely do I do this, but, here it is. In all of its awfulness.

Unwashed dishes, unwashed counters, unwashed stove. Where did that towel come from?

Dirty table, things left out. It is just almost to much to bear. What is on that chair? Sigh…You know what I will be doing today.

Please tell me that I am not the only one who goes to bed with a dirty kitchen. Please.

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13 thoughts on “November 25”

  1. Looks completely normal to me! I go to bed all the time with dirty dishes piled up. Mostly because they all won’t fit in the dishwasher so I’ll wait till the next load to put them in.

    I won’t EVEN disgrace myself and show a pic of my kitchen right now. The floor needs swept something awful, but there’s only a few dirty dishes on the counter.

  2. Sadly, there are those who have never cleaned their kitchen at all! I was shocked to see a link to an English TV show about that and it was sickening. Your kitchen looks clean to me. And if you need encouragement, just search for that show and you will feel wonderful!

  3. My mother taught me to always clean up before bedtime. It’s easier to get the dirt off that way. Yup, that’s what she taught me. I rarely do it though so you aren’t the only one.

  4. Gasp! Oh the horror of it! Well, if it will make you feel any better at all, I’ll let mine go this whole week. There. Do you feel any better at all? 😀 I know I sure do!! 😛 Here have some chocolate hon. 😉

  5. Your wish is my command…

    You are not the only one who goes to bed w/a messy/dirty kitchen. Last night, after a long day of cleaning, moving furniture and doing laundry, I broke down and got the kids what they wanted for dinner – I ordered pizza to be delivered. The boxes were left out, there were dishes in the sink and stone ware not yet put away.

    Feel better now? 😀


  6. I usually leave dishes. There aren’t enough to do ,so I leave them to add up with the next days worth. Then I hope the dish fairy comes and does them up for me. Fat Chance.Have fun decorating cakes today.

  7. This is a note for Sarah that lives in Springfield. I live in South Charleston and buy Schulers donuts about everytime I go visit my sister, since she can’t get them where she lives. I am in charge of donut Sunday at my church on the first Sunday of every month. We have a standing order with them and I get to be the one to go get them. Usually six or seven dozen. Yummy. What is your favorite? Tanya, You should have grabbed the fudge plate away from whoever confiscated it. Christmas is coming.

    Shannon and Joel ate the rest of the fudge. Aunt Lucy, I need fresh Schluers!!!

  8. I’m afraid that I suffer from a terrible disease that won’t allow me to sleep if there are dirty dishes in the sink. While cooking I usually do dishes 2-3 times. I don’t like having dirty dishes. I used to not be this way. I don’t know what has happened to me. I hate clutter and I guess that is just another form of clutter for me. I really need some helping learning to relax.

  9. Tanya,
    Thank you for such a sweet Thanksgiving blog. I really wanted to be there with you all. I have fallen in love again with your children. They are so sweet. Kirs has the grace of a dancer & she was so sweet to me. Dean is a doll. We all enjoyed them so much. I think Jerry was real tickled with Kirs batting her lashes at him.
    I love you so much.
    I hate hate hate to leave my kitchen dirty at night but sometimes I just get so tired & it seems like I do dishes 40 times a day…….Actually it needs cleaned now but would I be praising the Lord by cleaning my kitchen now??? I think not so it’s probably my spiritual duty to wait til tomorrow…What do you think??? I certainly wouldn’t want to be unspiritual, would I ????? I do want to get everything cleaned though so I can put my tree up.
    Again, I love you…….

  10. My kitchen is the one room of the house that is always sparkling clean, even when I am cooking in it. (I wash stuff up as I go.) My study on the other hand….it is the communal family dumping ground and is in danger of becoming a room that you would see on one of those shows mentioned above…..I am far too ashamed to ever post a pic of it.

    BTW, I have seen much worse than your kitchen. Really, your kitchen is just “busy looking”, not dirty, not messy, a litle skewed or a little untidy maybe…..

  11. Yeah, I would call it “busy looking” as well, not dirty. Dirty is when stuff has been left for days and has had a chance to build up a layer of dirt-thus the name dirty, lol.
    My kitchen was umm…”busy looking” all weekend b/c I had a houseful of guests and a birthday party that I catered all by my lonesome from my tiny kitchen, so there just wasn’t room to get it “unbusy looking” no matter how we tried. Dishes were done at least 9 times this weekend alone, but alas, it was still messy-lookin’. I’d much rather see a used kitchen than a pretty and perfect one that never sees any use.
    Anyway, yeah, I hate dishes. I have this magic dish fairy (my wonderful dh) who magically gets up in the morning before I do and does my dishes for me. So, yeah, I go to bed with dirty dishes all the time, but I wake up to a clean kitchen, so it’s okay!

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