November 24

Thanksgiving was filled with family and food. Family that came in from everywhere.

The sister came in from Missouri.

An aunt from near Springfield.

A cousin all the way from Washington.

Other family from down Xenia way.

This aunt and uncle left a big hole at our table. We all missed you.

Who is this? I haven’t seen him in so long.

The cooks were many.

There was mom,


the sister, the boy and myself.

The girl offered moral support.

So did the boy.

I think they were hungry. I was.

I could have eaten this all by myself! Everyone was lucky I held myself back.

Finally the food was ready.

Green bean casserole with extra FFO’s.

We can not forget the best part of the meal.

Nope. Just can’t. There were even some Schulers donuts, but they were hidden.



Who is this again? I think he just crashed our party.


As family began to leave, and the house got quieter and more still, and I began to get more and more sleepy, I praised God for my family and just how blessed I am to have them all.

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10 thoughts on “November 24”

  1. And it appears that a grand time was had by all! Hope that you have plenty of leftovers for a few more get-togethers over the weekend. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!

  2. The last time I was part of a “family” Thanksgiving like that I was living outside Boston, dad was in his first tour of Viet Nam, and I had just celebrated my 4th birthday. It wasn’t my favorite Thanksgiving since that day was my birthday and there was no birthday cake, no presents and no song. We had Thanksgiving twice that year at our house – one day was mom’s family and the other day was dad’s (couldn’t fit them all in our house in November in New England – if it had been July it would have worked as we could have used the yard).

    I don’t even remember getting any presents at all except from mom & dad. Gotta quit this pity party.

    It does look like you had a great time!!

    That stranger that crashed the gathering….could he be a distant relative to Superman? 😆

  3. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful thanksgiving with us. All the people in the pictures look very similar…any one would think you were all related. :LOL:

  4. Tanya, What an awful picture of your old Aunt Cindy. Everyone else looks terrific. Oh, well, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

    My dear sweet aunt. That is the only picture of you that I took that wasn’t fuzzy. I love you, and you are beautiful. PS. I didn’t get enough of your fudge!

  5. I love Schulers doughnuts 🙂 You must live near me LOL in fact I tried to get my DH to get some this morning but alas he went to Kroger for krispy kreme (just not the same)

    God bless.

    P.S. I LOVE to eat and make pumpkin rolls.

    I was born in Springfield. My aunt lives near there, and whenever she comes to visit, she brings the beloved donuts. There is absolutely no other donut in the world as good as Schulers.

  6. I was born and am still here in Springfield. Where are you at now? You can email me if you would prefer, I don’t like people knowing where I am at publicly on my blog either. That is about the only good thing about Springfield is Schulers.

  7. What is your favorite Schuler donut?? Mine is choc covered cream filled , followed by plain old glazed with lots of milk or coffee. I tried to bring some back with me in Oct but they didn’t travel well at all. They got hard & I had to throw them away. That really hurt. I should have just eaten them in Ohio with you instead of trying to be kind & share with the deprived here in NC.

    My favorite is the chocolate covered cream filled. My close second is the whole wheat….man! they are good!

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