November 20

The girl and I went to a jewelry party my mom had last week. We had tons of fun ogling high fashion jewelry, and eating…ok, I had the fun eating, she had the fun ogling.

See, she is having tons of fun. Can’t you tell? Neither can I.

What I truly would like to point out to you is this picture.

I want it. I want it bad! This picture was a wedding gift for my great great super old relatives on my dad’s side, and it is dated April 1, 1887.

It belongs in my house. My house is about as old as that picture, my house is about as old as the treadle (it was theirs too) that sits in it, my house is about as old as the hills, and deserves to have such a lovely painting hanging on its walls. My house longs for this painting. Sometimes I hear it crying in the night, lonely for the painting to hang on its wall.

I think it would look absolutely gorgeous above this. I’d like to think that great-great super old granny sat at this machine, with the picture above her. She would look at it as she sewed. She would think of all her descendants, and wish that her great-great super young granddaughter to have them both, because she would appreciate them.

It is a sad, sad thing to hear your house crying in the night. I need to make it feel better.

Maybe some chocolate would help.

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8 thoughts on “November 20”

  1. You’re right the picture would look wonderful. Go place your name on a piece of tape and stick it behind on the frame. That way one day it may end up at your house were it belongs.

  2. Ooooh, that picture is gorgeous. But I think I love the history behind it even more. I understand why your house is crying. I’m sure the picture is too, I bet it and the treadle miss each other.

  3. Hey look at it this way have pictures…can’t you frame and hang the pictures up? That way, your relatives know that you would really really like those special items! Is that a good idea or what? LOL..You are so funny! Love it!


  4. Boy,oh, boy! How could your mother resist such a yearning? If it was mine I would give it to you in a minute.One day it will probably endup at your house in its rightful place. Looking forward to Thusday.

  5. I thought that I had posted here yesterday but that must have been in my dreams, yesterday I dreamed some strange things what with all that happened.

    That is a lovely picture. I like the idea of putting your name on the back to let your parents know that you’d like to have it one day. That way they don’t have to remember who wanted what if the names are on them.

    I’m sorry to hear that your house is crying. Mine doesn’t do that but then compared to yours it’s brand new (built in 1983).

    So what jewelry was being sold at the party??

    The jewelry’s name is uhhh……it starts with a D. It was a home party like Pampered Chef, Longaberger, or Tupperware.

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