November 17

Being November, the color is almost gone.

90% of the trees have succumbed to the inevitable~~the lack of sunlight and the wind~~and have let go of their beauty. They stand stark against the sky. Stark, brown and dreary.

This one tree however, has stubbornly refused to let go. This tree has spunk. It is tenacious. I like this tree. It is a rebel. It is bad to the bone root. I bet it has a tattoo under its bark somewhere. I just know it.

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12 thoughts on “November 17”

  1. The trees around here have been bare for quite a while. Right now they are bare but a week ago they were covered w/**** and were just gorgeous!!

    As for that rebel tree….more power for hanging on! I think that it believes in global warming. πŸ˜†

  2. I want to be like that tree. No matter what the other trees are doing , it is in there hanging tough.Maybe it has a tatoo that says”Hang in there”!!!

  3. I love your pictures of the trees!
    You inspired me to take some sunrise pictures about a month ago. When I’ll get around to posting them who knows. My physical therapy is wiping me out now but I’ll be back;) Lord willing.

    Ps118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

  4. I love naked trees. There is a quiet sober hope to them, that you know they will be reborn to splendour in the Spring. All our trees have been flowering. It’s making my allergies excessively annoying.

    But our imported trees are our pretty ones. (Australian natives are ALL evergreens.)

    That red tree is beautiful.

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