Novbember 16

Friday’s burning question.

How does your husband show in a tangible way that he loves you?

Superman does this.

I like it!

PS.  Can anyone confirm the rumor that I heard that Hershey’s is moving lock, stock, and barrel to Mexico?  All production to Mexico?   Anyone???

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12 thoughts on “Novbember 16”

  1. My hubby shows me he loves me by getting my coffee for me in the morning. It’s a small gesture but he knows that I appreciate it soooo much.
    I heard the rumor about Hershey’s about a year ago. Don’t know if it’s true or not.

  2. Those look good!! My hubby gets me out of the house on lil day/ overnight trips. Gotta love gets me away from the computer, away from the munchkins, alone time w/ hubs and we usually end up spending time with my fav sibs or friends!!!!! But he always brings me back to the m*kins, the house they freely lived in and this computer…..i don’t know why??!!

  3. Count your blessings, ladies! A good, considerate and loving husband is hard to find.

    Hug your husband today and thank God for him!

  4. Carol – I hugged him hard yesterday as I left him at the airport, he was going back to work for 2 weeks so that he can buy me wonderful gifts 😉

    CC – have you tried the Hershey Kisses Hot Cocoa? They are divine. 😀 Where’s that yum smilie?

    I hadn’t heard about Hershey moving. I don’t want them to move. I’m tired of American companies leaving the US to China, Mexico or other countries. 😈

  5. Not sure if they are moving but Mexico would be my choice over China….Could you imagine a recall on Chocolate…..?!

    I think that would put us in the middle of a world war if there were ever a chocolate recall….;-)

  6. Before there is a recall on chocolate most of the Western world would be dead.

    Don’t let any terrorists know about this or they just might try to get to our chocolate. That would cause me to walk heavily armed for sure.

  7. Aww, he leaves you kisses. (That is so cute)
    Mine is very affectionate. He gets overcome and just has to hug me, great big wrapping bear hugs.

    He does these small random acts of kindness that make me stop and think, oh wow he really does listen, his eyes may be glazed over, but he does listen.

    Contaminated chocolate??!! Oh CC make the bad people stop!!! *Lalalalalala* I have my fingers in my ears and I can’t read you……I love my junoir mints.

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