November 14

Sunday, we had our first cake decorating lesson in fondant.

Let me just say for the record, I hate fondant. It looks pretty, it goes on smooth, and it is really like playing with play dough. That is all well and good,but fondant is a harsh task master, a slave maker, a tyrant, and it tastes like play dough.  Not a plus in my book.

The boy and I just made a single layer cake because we knew that we were just going to throw it away. This didn’t inspire the boy to do anything nice with his cake. I wasn’t inspired either.

It isn’t bad, but I could have done better. Truth is, I hate fondant, and I would have much rather decorated the cake with buttercream.  I can lick buttercream, I can suck the extra icing out of the tips before they are washed, and then if some is leftover, you can schmear it between 2 graham crackers and have a wonderful snack type thing.   Buttercream is much more versatile, and it tastes good!

One of the ladies in the class knew that she couldn’t be there on Sunday, so I told her that she could come over and I would help her with her cake.

She hates fondant too, but she was inspired. It could have been because she was getting tutored by moi, or it could have been because she likes pink too, or it could have been because we were going to fix her sausage gravy and home made biscuits or maybe it could have been because her cake was going to be taken to her son in Norfolk  today.

We both decided that butter cream is much more fun, but we really like playing with play dough.

How long do you think it took to decorate this cake?

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18 thoughts on “November 14”

  1. I think both cakes are cute! The ribbons reminds me of that Bubble Tape that comes in the round containers.

    I’m guessing it took maybe 2 hrs to decorate the cake. (?) I really have no idea. That was nice of you to help her. 🙂

  2. I don’t like fondant, either, but the cakes look nice. Plastic, but nice… 😉 I would say it took about an hour to cut out the stuff and put it on. (?)

  3. That is funny I was thinking bubble tape too!! Your cake decorating class looks like it has been alot of fun and what a wonderful way to have more bonding time with you son. He will certainly treasure these memories in the years to come.

    You have motivated me to take a class once I am able to get out and about!!

  4. I’m not sure…all I know is that when we did Sarah’s wedding cake it took FOREVER!!!!!! We flavored the fondant so it would have some taste, but I do agree I would much rather have buttercream. I think Fondant is beautiful but mostly on wedding cakes. I think having the cheesecakes at Sarah’s wedding along with the wedding cake was a great idea don’t you? That way people did get a bite of a good cake:)

    You both did a great job…Yours was great especially since you didn’t apply yourself! Hers was great because she did. Just think…yours what yours would have looked like if you would have applied yourself and I would be saying Tanya! It’s fantastic! (LOL) and 143

  5. It would take me hours but I bet it took you 30-45 minutes to decorate the 2nd cake.

    Both look great. They do look like great display cakes but not as tasty as the others you have made. I’d rather have the butter cream icing on my cake. 😉

  6. I feel kinda dumb, I thought you were supposed to put the fondant OVER a thick layer of buttercream and peel it off before you eat the cake.

    Nope. You are supposed to put fondant over a thin layer of buttercream to soften the edges of the cake for the fondant.

  7. They were both pretty. I don’t care for fondant either. You and I are on the same wavelength about licking the buttercream. I imagine it took an hour . I remeber watching your mom do Sarah’s. She had a time!

  8. They are pretty cakes. But they remind of plastic display fruit. I’ve never eaten fondant either. I imagine it tastes like glue.

  9. That cake is so darling. It would’ve taken me forever to decorate it, but I imagine that you took a lot less time.

    You and your dh make a very good-looking couple!

  10. I just discovered your blog and love it. Those cakes look wonderful and I guess I am in the minority because I do like fondant but I have never actually used it, just tasted it LOL Very pretty.

    God bless

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