November 12

***Warning~~this post is picture heavy.***

Saturday’s the girl and I spend time together. We call it “Spill Your Guts Saturday”. It is our ‘thing’.

This past Saturday, we went shoe shopping. I haven’t been shoe shopping with her in years. My mom has taken her, or she has just plucked a pair of flip-flops off the shelf at Stuffmart, but Saturday, let me tell you, we went shoe shopping! The girl awakened the Emelda Marcos in me. The longing of nice shoes, pretty shoes, every day shoes, flat shoes, heels and just because shoes.

The girl tried on just about every shoe in her size.

She tried on flats.

She tried on boots.

She tried on open toe heels.

She tried on fancy schmancy shoes.

She tried on strange shoes that have no category.

She even tried on Barbie shoes.

I even joined in on the fun, because for the first time in almost 16 years, I found a store that carries fun shoes in a size larger than 9.

And for the first time in a very long time, I didn’t feel old, or frumpy, or fat. Just pretty.

Strange what a nice pair of shoes will do for you.

Which pair is your favorite? The girl purchased 2. Which pairs do you think she got?

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22 thoughts on “November 12”

  1. Kirs has great taste in shoes. The only ones I didn’t care for were the first pair and the green flats. The silver jeweled ones weren’t a favorite, but other than that I really liked them all.

    I think she bought a pair of boots and the orange shoes – they were really cute.

    I made her try on the green ones. They looked MUCH cuter in the box.

  2. Shannon likes the pink barbie shoes.

    I understand about shoes. I love to try on cute shoes and feel pretty or special. I just bought 2 pair for myself a few weeks ago, and as a prize for reaching a certain personal goal, in two weeks I am going to buy myself a pair of workboots for the winter. My feet will love me!

  3. I think she got the orange ones and pic #12. Those both look nice on her.

    I recently got a pair of UGG boots at a thrift store for $2. Now, ain’t that a steal? They’re so soft and warm inside!

  4. A favorite? You want to know a favorite?!? I can’t narrow it down to 5! I’m not wild about the flats. The silver bejeweled ones look like something from Star Trek TOS; and I hear disco music when I look at the zig-zagged glittery ones. 😆

    I’ll take one of everything else in a size 9. Need my address? 😛

  5. SHOES! YEAH! I liked most every one of them, but the little brown boots and the herringbone/tweedy open-toe pumps with the little buttons really caught my eye.

    The pink and black argyle flats are adorable, I hope she got those.

  6. Hey, Kirs those are all so cut! I really like #s 9 and 15.
    I think you might have gotten got…#1 and 10. I’m not sure but that’s my guess.

    I’ll take all of them too!


  7. Well let me go back and look them over and write down my favorites and then the ones that I think she got.

    I can say right off the bat that I didn’t like the green flats at all. 😛 I also didn’t like #15 or 18 😛

    For her I think she looked best, realizing her age, in #’s 2,7,8,9,10,11,16,& 17. I think that she bought the orange wedges (#16) and either #2 or #11.

    I think that you looked wonderful in both pairs you tried on. Now please tell us that this was a national chain, not local or regional, so that I can go check out the great shoes my my girl and I. We love to shoe shop.

    Pay Less

  8. Oh I love shoes. I have so many pairs of shoes. #2 and the two pairs you tried on were my favourites. But I loved most of the shoes the girl tried on. And might I add, you have lovely ankles. (And a very pretty tattoo.)

  9. I really liked most of them. I like the high boots. Not for me. I am a clutsy old woman and would fall and break a leg or something. It is hard for me to find shoes I like on me. I wear a size 9 and 1/2 wide to a 10. I have to go more for comfort these days. I liked yours too Tanya. did you make a purchase?

  10. I love the Barbie shoes. I almost bought a pair similar to those while I was on vacation, but then the frumpy yet sane part of me took over and I ran out of the shop. Anemone was so disappointed in me.

    Kirs made good choices!

  11. Ooo, shoe shopping. I’ve only started appreciating shoe shopping recently. Looks like you two had a lot of fun together! 🙂

    I like the brown boots, the silver criss-cross shoes, and the black and gray tweed.

  12. Ooo…shoes! 🙂
    I actually have those gray/silver boots in black! I wish I could find more cute shoes in my size…9 to 10. That is…9 to 10, a high arch, and very picky feet! 😀


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