November 11

Because I can.

I like to think that she is contemplating how wonderful I am, how glad she is that I am her mother, and how special I am to her, how much meaning I bring to her life, how funny I am, what a wonderful teacher I am, and what kind of chocolate she is going to buy me. Alas, I know she was just looking at the crumbs  on the table.

Does your table have crumbs?

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7 thoughts on “November 11”

  1. Unfortunately Yes. 😦

    The people in this house don’t seem to be able to brush the crumbs into their hands and then into the trash. They do seem to be capable of brushing them to the floor though. 🙄

    As for the girl, she’s probably looking at the crumbs and thinking, “Would it hurt if I tried swallowing those? They’re so small and I really like that food.” 😦

  2. No crumbs on my table. I wiped it clean after dinner.I am sure Kirsten is thinking all the things you said.If not, she should be! Love you.

  3. We rarely have food that makes crumbs. :p In the old days, we had an assortment of crumbs on the table. My table, a lovely old-fashioned drop-leaf table hand made by someone from the Habersham Plantation company (before they became fancy), came with care instructions. It said… “Leave crumbs on the table.” I always follow care instructions. 😀

  4. There’s the next Neutrogena commercial right there. Have I mentioned before just how beautiful that child is?
    No, there are no crumbs on my table….but there is a hat. It belongs to the person who gripes about cluttered surfaces, yet all the clutter belongs to them. 😉 and that person isn’t me.

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