November 10

Someone asked to see a picture of my Birman cat.

I have 2 cats. Grace, the seal point  Birman , and Sugar, the mutt. Grace is show quality….except for that fun patch of white under her nose leather.

She is such a pretty girl, but not much use for anything except looking pretty, and warming my lap.  I call her my Paris Hilton.

Sugar isn’t much to look at…see that lovely scowl on her face. (I haven’t given her a treat yet, and she thinks that the scowl will induce me to give her one. ) She is very smart. I have her trained to wait for her food, and I am training her to wait for her treats too. See that scowl….she isn’t happy with the training.  I call her my mafia queen.

Treat? Did someone mention treat?

Yep…treats! I am so generous with my doling out of treats. They call me Mother Teresa.

We know you have food, hand it over!

I feed her first, because she is the dumb blond of catdom.

But this one, she is waiting patiently for me to give the word.  If she weren’t so temperamental, she could be a dog.

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  1. Paris Hilton and the Mafia Queen. Those names seem to fit them. I like cats. Our Tommy is so much entertainment. He is so very possessive of Jarrod. He thinks he runs his life as well as ours. He acts like it is an infringement when Jarrod comess into his own room and Tom is asleep on Jarrod’s bed. He can give some looks too. He is also jealous of Jarrod being on the computer(which he has to be a lot for school). He sits on the keyboard thinking that will stop him from using it. He thinks just because we feed and water him, and brush him, and love him that he is a “god”.

  2. I like cats so much better than dogs. I love their temperment. Our cat is a large cat. She’s not just fat, she is also very large boned. She is twice the size of a normal house cat. She can also be very noisy and annoying, but she is good with the kids and can be very loving.

    Gary & Vicki’s cat, Reggie, we think is no more. We think when the neighbor was hunting on his property- drunk with a bunch of his drunk hunting buddies- he shot him. We have no proof, but Reggie went over there as soon as I let him out and there were a bunch of gun shots, and Reggie never came back home. He was a good cat. He would sit on my lap in the office and “help.”
    He also wasn’t very noisy or annoying, but he was dumb!

  3. I love cats! I love dogs, too, but that is another story… Your cats are beautiful. My Buddy thinks he is a dog, so we call him a “Cog”. People that say cats are not trainable have never really known one, I say. 😉

  4. Aww…your Sugar isn’t a mutt, she’s a Tortie! Tortoiseshell cats are super smart, and bossy, and sometimes snooty, but they are also as sweet as can be!

    Grace is beautiful, too, and I can tell you spend some time keeping that coat of hers brushed. Thanks for sharing your kitties.

  5. Awww, Gracie reminds me of our cat Rose who died last Christmas.

    That pic of them hovering around the heater is so cute. As if FUR wasn’t enough to keep them warm. LOL

    I don’t give our new cat, Gunner cat treats, but he will beg and beg for a can of wet-food, so that’s what we give him as a treat. 🙂 He’s a good baby.

  6. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t allergic. Your Paris Hilton is gorgeous but the other one is pretty too. Paris looks like fluff. You just want to pet them, but then the eyes water & swell& the sneezing starts. My eyes are getting itchy just looking at them but they are so pretty…….

  7. I love cats. I used to have two but due to behavior problems we had to find a new home for him. My other cat is ancient, almost 20 years old, going blind, death, has arthritis and people actually ask if there is another baby in the house because of her shrill ‘meow’ I love her though, she is my baby. We have a dog too but after my favorite doggy died, years ago, I am not much of a dog fan anymore 😦

    God bless,

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