November 2

Well, I tried several other blog skins. One I loved working with the color. I could make it pink, but I couldn’t get the tabs off the header. THAT bothered me, so I am back to this.

It is Friday, and I have a burning question.

Do you mop your kitchen floor, or do you let your pet slurp up the yum-yums that are dropped?

If you actually do mop your floor, how often do you do said terrible chore? Do you have a sponge mop, a string mop or do you mop on your hands and knees? Do you use a special cleaner, or do you make your own?

I just gotta know.Β  Tell me, tell me.

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  1. I use a swiffer wet jet with the antibacterial orange scented cleaner that fits in the swiffer….if I’m out of the swiffer orange cleaner stuff, I will use the orange scented pinesol. Do you see a pattern here? I also use orange scented pledge furniture polish…lol.

    I used to use our dog to slurp up the dropped food…my husband would often say “Jessica spilled cereal on the floor, call the vaccume!”, but since he has passed away I have had to break my broom in so I can swiffer πŸ˜› .

  2. I mop, I love to mop, I need to mop. I have an O’Cedar string mop, but sometimes I get down on my hands and knees if it’s only a small spot. I normally use bleach to mop with. I just love that clean smell.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could mop my floor! I would use anything! I have a nasty, yucky carpet on my kitchen floor. I have carpet everywhere, except for the bathroom. It was like this when we bought it, five years ago. Of course, the plan was to get rid of that carpet and get a nice floor, but, well, you know how it is… I am at the point now that I am letting it get very disgusting in the hope that my beloved will allow me to rip it out and put polyurethane on the plywood underneath. 8-( By the way, I LOVE the new blog template. πŸ˜‰

  4. We have wood floors in our kitchen and I use that Orange Glow (yeah, Heather!) mopper. You just squeeze the stuff on the floor, and then mop up with the special wood floor mopper thingy. LOL I don’t do it as often as I should…hum…… πŸ˜‰

  5. I use the Sh-Mop from The Clean Team ( It’s big and wide and takes care of the job in no time! You use the towel-like heads and then throw them in the wash. I’ve had the same mop for about ten years now. Perfect if you have a lot of area to mop!

  6. My daughter wipes the hardwood floors on her hands and knees on Monday and Friday using Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

  7. I don’t have a pet to slurp up the mess. (Does the 7 year old count? πŸ˜› ) So, mop I do. Not often. 😳 I used to get down on my hands and knees for my small kitchen; then started using a mop; but recently I purchased a Swiffer Wet Jet. LOVE that thing. But I still don’t do it often enough.

  8. Let’s see, I have a cotton string mop and a flat sponge mop. The flat sponge mop gets stuck to the floor if it isn’t wet enough. If you are mopping with it, you could go head-first over the handle when it gets stuck, it’s a dangerous mop. yeah. I was instructed to use vinegar and water on the vinyl floor. If needed, I will scrub on my hands and knees the tile bathrooms, but I usually mop it.

  9. I mop my kitchen pretty often.

    I use a Swiffer, a regular mop, and sometimes I do it by hand to get the corners well.

    I have hardwood laminate floors. I mostly use a mixture of vinegar and water on them. (which is recommended for laminate flooring) Every once in awhile, I’ll use Pine Sol on them.

  10. Oh yes and you can get the tabs off the top or at least reduce the amount that you have. It would take some time and forethought. You would have to edit your recipe pages and make them a ‘child’ under the same page parent. The page parent would be at the top. I would recommend the parent to be a new page called Recipes or Cookbook or CC’s Kitchen, something like that. Then use the page widget to display the pages that you want displayed in the sidebar.

  11. I use to mop more often than I do now, but since I hurt my back it’s not as much. I mop at least once a week. If there are spots and I can’t stand looking at them any longer I will mop up the place where the spots are.

    Since I have laminate wood floors you are only suppose to use vinegar and water. Every once in a while I’ll put bleach with it, because I keep thinking surely the vinegar water isn’t getting the floors clean enough.

    Dad found a pledge cleaner that is suppose to work on laminate floors and it does a good job. The floors look much better now. If I had it to do over again I would NEVER get wood laminate floors. Of course ours may just be the cheap kind and the more expensive may do better.

    I use a libman mop and I do like it. Also after I mop I use a libman floor duster to go over the floors so there won’t be any streaks.

    I use to mop the bathroom on my hands and knees until my back problem. I asked my chiropracter if I still could and he said NO! So until I feel great I will be using a mop in there. I use Murphys Oil Soap or Bleach for that! Sorry if this is more info than you asked for!

  12. I hate mopping but it’s better than the hands & knees scrubbing thing!!

    I mop when it needs it but more often I let the dogs clean up little spills – well unless one’s been sick πŸ˜›

    I have a string mop & the wet swifter.

    Bathroom is done on hands & knees usually as it’s so small it takes more time to get things together to do with mop than to just wipe it myself. I use whatever is handy and needed to get the job done.

    Can we have a none cleaning question tomorrow? Please! (picture me on my knees begging here)

    Why sweetie? Do you need to clean something? muahahahahahha

  13. Vileda mop + vinegar & water or PineSol type cleaner = clean floor. Hands & knees for the corners, occasionally. It gets mopped every week or two and spot cleaned in between.

  14. I mop when it needs it (sort of) It could probably use it everyday, but it gets it more like once a week. Every once in a while I will scrub on my hands and knees to get the baseboards clean.
    I use a sponge mop (which I don’t like) and Mr. Clean floor cleaner. It doesn’t leave any residue.

  15. When my feet can’t move from the floor after standing in one place over a minute I mop the floor. LOL I mop once a wek whether it needs it or not. I just have an old tile floor,so I use Formula 409 and a string mop. It doesn’t take long to mop a 10’by 12′ room.

  16. I have laminate and hate it, but that is what I wanted at the time, so I have to live with it!
    Anyway, I use a clorox mop with water and the cleaner that I am to use with the laminate. I honestly don’t feel it get clean. I use to get on my hands and knees.

    As for how often? Probably not as much as I should.

  17. I mop at least once a week. My kitchen is tiny and once a month I mop it on my hands and knees using a scrub brush and rags.

    I have a steam mop. So I drop a few drops of tea tree oil on the floor and then mop over it. I actually enjoy housework, (except dusting. Dusting drives me nuts and I live in a dust bowl!) and I quite like mopping. Not as much as ironing though. πŸ˜‰

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