November 1

Tuesday mornings in the fall and winter, I allow myself one little treat. A mug of hot chocolate. Please see my recipe. Please make it. If you do, you will never go back to a mix, a box of packets, or even some high priced wanna be. This stuff is the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted, and let me say that I have tasted a lot of hot chocolate.

Sometimes the daughter makes it for me and she, knowing how much I am devoted to all things chocolate, gives me a little extra somein’-somein’.

I thought I’d share.

Isn’t she sweet?  It is just to good not to try.

Do you drink something warm in the morning to get you going?

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17 thoughts on “November 1”

  1. Although that mug of hot chocolate looks exceedingly luscious, your new blog template does not. I liked the old one… whine, moan… I know that I should not judge a book by it’s cover, but… whine, moan…

    Anyway… whine… I love hot chocolate. I don’t always have something warm in the morning to get me going, but I usually have some form of chocolate drink in the evenings.


    I’m not particularly fond of it either, but I was tired of the other. I most likely will go back. I really, really, really want something pink, and WordPress only has 1 pink skin and I don’t like it.

  2. Coffee! But lately, I’ve putting in a tsp of hot cocoa mix instead of sugar . It’s become a daily treat to myself. Who could resist that mug your daughter fixed up? That looks fantabulous!

  3. Yes, I ususally have hot tea. I haven’t had any this morning so I licked the computer screen when I saw the hot chocolate. It didn’t help and I REALLY need a pick me up.

    Have a great day, CC.

  4. I like a warm cup of coffee in the morning. I usually don’t drink the whole cup, but there’s nothing like a fresh brewed cup of coffee (at least in the morning)

    I was surprised when I saw your new blog…I thought if you changed, it would be pink. I see you already addressed that. I did like the other one because it reminded me of chocolate and coffee, but I like this one too. I do see your heading is in pink

    Btw, I forgot to tell you how beautiful the pics were yesterday!

  5. Hey! It’s saving my information again!

    I also wanted to say the pictures were gorgeous. How great that your son encourages you to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

  6. If one of my kids brought me a cup like that one they would be forgiven just about anything….guess that means I can be bought huh 😕

    Yes the pics yesterday were marvelous!!

    I’m iffy on this theme but I agree it just isn’t you. Maybe we need to do a write in campaign to get WP offer more pink and red, the do have lots of blue, black and green. I’d like some purple.

  7. I agree, you need pink! Although I do like this, it really isn’t you.

    Hot chocolate looks wonderful! I usually have Chamomile tea as a treat.

  8. I will have to try it.
    I have been buying milk in bottles from a Kansas dairy. Their chocolate milk is to die for! It is like drinking pure chocolate! I have been wanting to have it hot, but haven’t yet!! Now you have done it! I want some hot cocoa!!

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