October 11

Today is the day. The girl and I are so excited.

In January, the girl caught a cold, then we thought it was mono, then on to other things. Poor thing had round and round of blood work. Then she was in pain. All. the. time.

During this time, we realized that wheat/gluten, oats, and sugar were causing more pain for her, so we went to see pediatric gastroenterology specialist. She had an upper endoscopy done. She was tested for Chrones, Ceiliac, and a whole plethora of other stuff. Nothing. Still the pain persisted. Doctor’s were stumped and we were frustrated. In July, she had her gall bladder removed. That helped with part of the problem, but still she was in pain.

In August, my sister came to visit, and she suggested a food allergy blood test. By this time, I was desperate and willing to do anything to find out what in the world was wrong with the girl. 1 vial of blood and 3 weeks later, we find out that she has delayed food allergies, and she isn’t just allergic to a few things, she is allergic to a boatload of stuff. Not the things I’d wish to be allergic to…..you know, green stuff, and brussel spouts and broccoli and salad…….oh! no! She is fortunate enough to be allergic to wheat, and gluten and eggs, and milk and soy and sugar,~~all the things that when mixed together = cake, cookies, bread and butter, mayonnaise or even dare I say chocolate? Life without chocolate and mayonnaise is just…well…bad!~~ add to that, a list of 36 delicious items that if I had the misfortune to be allergic to, I would curl up in a ball and die. That would be after the ginormous hissy fit I would throw all over the floor!

So, we began the process of purging all the bad things out of her system. This has been a boring, and repetitive 3 weeks of only eating grapes, apple, tuna, cod, whiting(fish), walnuts, pecans, onion, mushroom, red pepper, and cinnamon. Yes, my dear friends. Those are the only things that she is 100% not allergic to. Then we begin a process of reintroducing things that she ‘could’ be allergic to back into her system. 1 food item every 4 days to see if she reacts to each and every food tested…all 132 of them. This process will take 8 months. After that, we can start testing other foods that weren’t tested in the original blood test. This has already been a wild adventure.

I digress…today is the day! Today we start the process of reintroducing food. Buckwheat is the food of the day. Today I will make the girl her first pancake. Yes, my peoples, this is truly exciting stuff around here. Let me just say that after 3 weeks of fish and apples, anything is exciting. This morning she will be having an apple, cinnamon, walnut, buckwheat pancake minus butter and syrup.

In celebration with the girl, I will be having a mayonnaise sandwich on white bread with a hot chocolate chaser. For dessert I will be eating peanut M&M’s. Unless…unless you have a better idea?

October 10

Someone got a hold of my camera the other day.

She is most upset about the condition of the bookshelf behind her.

Quite frankly, so am I.

I think she is seriously considering rearranging it for me.

Or at least straightening it up.

“Mom, do you want me to dust it for you too?”

oops…I am dreaming again, aren’t I?

What is one chore that you absolutely hate to do, and will do just about anything to get out of doing?

October 9

So, the other day I went over to the living room from the den to see just how much longer she was going to be on the phone with her grandma.

This is what I saw.

I think she was planning to be on the phone much longer than I had anticipated. She was all comfy and cozy in her little nest. Actually, it is my little nest. It is where I knit and watch movies. I will never get it away from her now.
Do you like to chat on the phone?

October 8

A word of encouragement.

God still works in uneventful times.

First: God’s plans are not hindered  even when the events of this world are carnal or secular. His presence penetrates regardless of where you are. He is not limited to working in the Christian family. He is as much at work in the Oval Office as He is in y our pastor’s study. He is at work. He is moving. He is touching lives. He is shaping kingdoms. He is never surprised by what humanity may do. Just because actions or motives happen to be secular, carnal or unfair, doesn’t mean He’s not present. He’s in charge!

Second: His purposes are not frustrated by my moral failures. This is very encouraging especially if you have failed morally. How do I know that? Because He is a God who applies grace to the long view of life. Wrong grieves Him and serious consequence follow, but no amount of wrong frustrates His sovereign purposes.

Thirdly: God’s people are not excluded from high places because of handicap or hardship. Esther was a Jew in a foreign land. She was an orphan, yet none of that kept God from exalting her to the position of exactly where He wanted her.

Where are you today on your own journey? Are you discounting the significance of your days? Are you sighing rather than singing? Are you wondering what good can come from all that you have to live with? Do the pressures of life seem to have no purpose? I will tell you truthfully, this is EXACTLY where I am at.

God’s hand is not so short that it cannot save, nor is his ear so heavy that He cannot hear. Whether you see Him or not, He is at work in your life this very moment. God specializes in turning the mundane into the meaningful. Laundry is meaningful? Who knew? God not only moves in the unusual events of life as He is in the miraculous. You could say that God moves among the casseroles of life.

So, know that when you are out and about today, or even inside, doing laundry, cooking a meal, instructing children, or smiling at your husband even when you want to strangle him, He is at work, and He is at work with a purpose.

Amen and Amen!

October 7

Our cake decorating teacher wasn’t able to make it to our class last Sunday. She had to work or something. She wanted to do the make-up class today from 11-1. Nope! That is not going to work for us. We are in church at that time, and I know that there are a few other’s in the class that attend church as well. So, she was going to do a class for us on yesterday afternoon. We…the boy and I… and 3 other ladies showed up. We waited and waited…chatted and laughed, but the teacher never showed. We decorated anyway. She owes me a class. This class was the first one where I wasn’t sure of the techniques. Did I mention that I ended up teaching the class? It wasn’t bad, but I am afraid that I was teaching the others the wrong way to do things. I have scared them for life. OH…the nightmares that will ensue. The hate mail will begin to arrive. I will have to walk around town in a wig and huge sunglasses. It will become to much and I will have to enter the witness protection plan.

Here is what I did.

Here is Dean’s cake.

I sure hope she shows up today. I refuse to teach it again.
Do you think I should get paid? or should I call the FBI now?

October 6

When I was in high school, I took 1 semester of Spanish, and 3 years of French. Why? you ask. Well, Spanish sounds so harsh and unyielding. French is so smooth and lovely. I thought that if I sounded smooth and lovely, I would be smooth and lovely. So I was screwed up! I was 14 for goodness sake! My best friend, Bev took French with me. Whenever we would go to the mall, we would pretend that one of us was from France visiting the other. The other one would translate. Generally we would just be saying French words, not even sentences. Whomever was the translator, just made something up. It was great fun, and the shop keepers and others around us would look at us with what we perceived, as awe. We were in teenage heaven!

So, the other day I was reading a blog and came across THIS youtube video. It spoke to me. It is titled “One Semester Spanish Love Song”. Go watch it. I will wait.



















Welcome back.



You see, I loved this video because I can relate to it. Sadly, so can the chips. See, they are taking Spanish, and I, being the wonderful home schooling mother that I am, every so often get on the computer to see what they are learning, so that I can converse with them in Spanish. Much to their dismay, I sound much like the man in the video. Only with a whole lot more French and English thrown in.


The boy says he has already learned his second language. It is called ‘momeese’. It would be much more funny if it weren’t. so. true.



Did you take a foreign language in school? Do you make your children learn ‘momeese’ too?

October 5

I must share with you all the gift God gave me on my birthday. The boy said from the deck out back, “mom, go get your camera, and come here” so I did.

A gorgeous pink sunrise.

I know that he didn’t create this sunrise just for me, but I sure felt like He did.

I popped out front……in all of my nightgown glory and snapped these 2. I didn’t realize until JUST NOW that I was still in my nighty. https://i0.wp.com/i29.photobucket.com/albums/c257/chocolatechic/smilies/frightened.gif Sorry neighbors. I will pay for your new eyes.

What a great present!!!

What was the best present you got on your birthday?

October 4

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 38 beautiful years old.

What a great day. We have a tradition in our house that for the birthday person, signs are hung all over the house for them to read when they get up on their special day. My mom began this tradition yeeears ago.

They know that if they need me to schedule something…put it on my desk. If I need a reminder note, it is put on my keyboard. I love you notes are regularly found post-it’d on my computer screen, and everyone else’s paper junk ends up on my desk too. https://i2.wp.com/i29.photobucket.com/albums/c257/chocolatechic/smilies/brood.gif If I am not busy in the rest of the house, I am at my computer. That is why I totally freaked out late last week when my keyboard decided to not work. Hubbie I unplugged it, replugged it in. Nothing. Hubbie went for the boy’s keyboard, nada, zilch, zip, nothing, noodle. I was on the verge of apoplexy, when I got the bright idea to see if said machine part was under warranty. Low and behold, I have a wee bit of time left. So I called India, and I was told to unplug everything from the hard drive. So, I did that. Hold in the on button for 20 seconds. Done! Plug stuff back in. Huh? Wait a minute. I don’t know where any of the holes all these different shaped wires and plugs and boots and reboots go. I am on my knees. It is dark back in there, and the dust! sheesh! Doesn’t anyone clean around here? I beg order the husband to plug everything back in for me, and voila! India has done it again. My computer is saved.

So, yesterday morning, I came downstairs to this.

Can’t read the sign?

Isn’t that great? My children know me so well.

I have enough Hershey bars, Dove dark, and pink M&M’s to last me…oh…about 3 weeks.  If I pace myself.

What special things do you do for birthdays?

October 3

Yesterday, the daughter and I were out shopping for this upcoming baby shower cake I am doing for my mom. We had a great time, by-the-way. When I got home there was a message from Beverly.

Beverly is my best friend from high school. She is the only one, as a teenager, that I allowed to have a deep and abiding place in my heart. Being a preacher’s kid, and moving from place to place, you begin to not allow people to have a places in your heart, let alone deep and abiding ones. I think that is why I love the internet so much. I have internet friends. They are real, true, friends, and it doesn’t matter if I move, or they move, they will still be there! yeah!

Anyway, when we moved to Moore, Oklahoma, I was 15.10 years old, and entering the 11th grade. I met Beverly standing in line to sign up for an English class. She was this little bit of nothing with this GORGEOUS hair hanging past her waist. I fell in love with her that very minute. We started a conversation and have never looked back. Bev was born in Africa,which I thought was the coolest thing in the world…next to her hair. We spent countless nights at each other’s house, eating, laughing, and sharing our deepest thoughts with each other. Her parents introduced me to Curry Chicken~~had I known that curry is HOT, I would have just eaten the salad, thankyouverymuch!

Bev taught me a lot about faith, encouraged me to be a better Christian, and an even better friend. She encouraged me to home school, and was there for me in the beginning when I would get discouraged or had 45 bazillionhundredthousandmillion questions. Bev is a lifetime friend. She is one of those that once you meet them, they are forever etched in your heart and soul. You can not speak with them for years, but when you catch up with them, it was like you had spoken just yesterday.

Bev made me this for me a few weeks before we moved. It has hung in every house I have lived in since I received it, some **cough…cough…** years ago.

Bev called back a bit later and we caught up some, and after 2½ hours, life demanded our attention. You know…laundry, and kids wanting food. Actually it was more like 30 minutes in the conversation but hellllllo, I’m on the phone. I don’t understand their problem. I had already fed them once. It isn’t like they need fed more than that in a day…sheesh!

It was absolutely wonderful catching up with her. It wasn’t enough time, but we will do it again. I love you Bev!!

Do you have a lifetime friend? How old were you when you met?

October 2

Friday, the boy entered some sour dough into the fair. Alas, he did not win a ribbon.

I on the other hand have come away with one thought, and one thought only.

They need someone who knows all sorts of nuances of chocolate to judge baked goods at the fair.

Someone who has tasted it all, an aficionado, a proficient, a connoisseur, a love for all things sweet, decadent and chocolate.

Someone like me.

Anyone want to join me in a letter writing campaign?

October 1

It happened Saturday.

I was on the phone with my mother, and we were chatting away about my cousin’s baby shower, and the cake I am doing for it, when it happened.

The horror is almost to difficult to bear.

My son came in with my car’s air filter in his hand. I happily went on ignoring him, as I am wont to do when helloooo! I’m on the phone!!! When he finally could not stand it any longer, he nudges me and says “mom, do you know what this gray stuff is?? mom?? ” I give it a cursory glance because helloooo! I’m on the phone, and not only am I on the phone, but I am chatting with my mother about important stuff. Like babies, and cake, and how much $$ I am going to make.

Then the words that I didn’t want to hear, nor was I prepared for, came spewing forth from his mouth. “Mom, you have a rat in your air filter!” Instantly, my conversation didn’t matter anymore. A rat? There is a rat in my air filter? I have been driving a rat around in my vehicle?



After being totally grossed out, all I could think of was how did it get in there? I have cats. It wouldn’t have come from my house. The neighbor has dogs, it wouldn’t have come from there. I know just where it came from. Someone must have sent it to me, and I know just who Applie you are.

I made the boy get all the fluff off my air filter, and please remove that nasty thing from my vehicle, but please before you do, take a picture. Because, let’s face it, it would make a great blog story.

Out he went with a pair of kitchen tongs. The husband just put on some latex gloves and manhandled that nasty thing. Yeah! Atta boy! You show him who’s boss!!!

If you are squeamish, please don’t look any further.

Did I mention nasty? filthy? gross? sick? gag? I just want you, my friends, my readers, my family, those dearest to my heart, to be sure you totally comprehend just how bad it was for me.

I need some chocolate!