October 24

I live in a turn of the century small…read 1200 sq. ft. small…Victorian house. I love it. I love its crookedy walls, I love its creaking floors, I adore the floor length windows and what is left of the original woodwork. I love to imagine the people who first lived in it, and the people who built it. If I could go back in time though, I’d wring their scrawny. little. necks. Not only did they use inferior foundational materials, whoever made the blueprints of this living area was smokin’ something. And they had to have been smoking it for a loooong time!!

The boy and I rearranged the part of the living area of the house Friday.

It was so necessary that I canceled school for the day. I needed the boy’s brawn. Why?

Because I had to move my computer desk.

What in the world would possess me to move this massive hunk of particle board?

Why would I spend 2 long and sweaty hours clearing EVERY piece of junk off my desk, strewing it all over creation, heaving that thing around the room, and putting all that much needed junk back on???

I’ll show you.

That7 x 12 inch piece of metal is the only heating vent on this side of the living area. There are only 2 others in a room that is 25 x 12, and it was being covered up by the massive desk. I am sure that 3 small vents in a room this size was just fine when this house had a coal furnace. I am sure that this living room was one toasty place to be, but now the house is in possession of a fuel efficient, energy saving furnace and I need every vent available. Hence the moving of the monster desk.

Do you have a huge computer desk?

October 23

While at the Apple Butter Festival, I thought that it would be a perfect time to get pictures of the chips that was some place other than inside my house. Get some pictures of their personality.

My son, being the cooperative boy that he is,

refused to look at me

the entire time we were there. I am beginning to really love his profile!

The girl, on the other hand, seems to really love to have her picture taken.

She is very willing to sit,

and and smile on command.

Turn and be cute, even when the jewelry is beckoning her.

See this gorgeous hair? Life just doesn’t seem to be fair all of a sudden.

Tamara~recognize that shirt and jacket???

I think I will just stick to taking surprise pictures at home.

Please forgive the quality on this picture…it was a surprise!

It is raining today.   So dreary.   The weather is changing and letting me know that winter is fast approaching.   Winter and I, well, lets just say we aren’t the best of friends.

Is it raining at your house today?

October 22

This past weekend was the last festival in Roscoe Village for the year. The Apple Butter Festival. It is the biggest one. Why? I don’t know, I just live here!

It could be because they make apple butter outside in a copper kettle, over a wood fire, stirring it with a wood stick. He looks happy to be there, don’t ya think?

It could be because they have lots of pottery for sale.

It could be for the entertainment. These guys were playing old folksy music.

These guys were playing young country music on the opposite end of the road. I called it the dueling entertainment.

I, however, was a bit more interested in the jelly samples,

and the apple butter samples,

and the dip samples,

and dipping oil, and wine jelly samples.

How about some cheese?

Barbecue? Bruchetta? Pirogies? Spaghetti sauce?

I was inexplicably drawn to this particular sampling tent. It sucked me in like some sort of invisible vacuum cleaner, and spit me out right in front of this table. See that plate in the middle? Tiny bits of Buckeyes. I had 2. I was going to sample each and every one, but I was afraid the hubbie would drag me out of there kicking and screaming, and I am just not into making  a scene.

I didn’t purchase any because I can make any of this sinfully delicious stuff at home for a fraction of the cost, but why would I want to do that, when I can have the hubbie purchase me Hershey’s any time I want.

So there you have it. A small taste ~~I crack myself up~~of the Apple Butter Festival.

If you were there tasting, which item would you have wanted to taste the most?

October 21

My mother is a decorator. On holidays and special occasions, she has all sorts of decorations to put up. They all are lovely. They are always tasteful.

I love seeing her house decorated so perfectly on every occasion. It gives me a sense of peace, of enjoyment, of happiness. Unfortunately, the decorating gene skipped this generation, and I know that my daughter is so disappointed in me. She loves to decorate too. To me, it is just way to much work, to much storage, and to much getting out and putting away.

I shocked my family this year, though. I decorated for fall. It is a first here in the Chocolatechic household. I wouldn’t have done it either, except I got a fall themed kitchen towel for my birthday, so it is hanging on my stove. Yep! That is the extent, the entirety, and the sum total of my decorating for autumn. I am so proud of myself.

Just about every blog that I have read in the last week or so have pumpkin/fall pictures. I refuse to be left out, so here you have it, my pumpkin/fall offering.

I don’t have any trees in my yard, so I had to go elsewhere to get this picture.

If your into fall decorations, this could be in your yard. It’s not in my yard because I don’t have any mums, or hay, or gourds or pumpkins or cute little pieces of metal to stick into them. I have grass, and that is fall enough for me.

Can someone please tell me why hay and pumpkins go together?

Or why it is necessary to have an odd number of pumpkins when you are decorating?

This is all of the fall I have to offer you. This is all you get! I will not give anymore. I am a Scrooge. Ask anyone.

They are lucky to have the towel.

Do you like to decorate for the different seasons?

October 20

Because you all mean so much to me, and because I just know that you will want to sympathize, I am sharing with you how I was horribly tortured the other evening by the boy.

The smell alone was pure agony!

Do you see those puddles of icing. It was almost to much to bear.

But when he handed me the plate and forced me to eat 2 of them, my mouth began to salivate, my toes began to curl, and my eyes almost rolled into the back of my head.

Yes, folks, it was that bad! Y’all know where to send sympathy cards. I’ll be checking my mail daily!

October 19

Readers, I have been so busy with all sorts of things to say, that I forgot about Friday’s burning question. It would have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I can’t even remember what day it is, or my children’s names or where I parked my car. Nope! Nothing at all!

If you have been reading my blog, this past week you would have seen the inside of my oven. It needs cleaned. How do you clean your oven? How often do you clean it? How often do you use it, and finally, would you come over and clean mine?

I clean mine, I am ashamed to say, about once a year.  In the winter when it is desperately cold.  I turn on my self cleaning oven and get warm all at once, because I am big on killing 2 birds with one stone, or 2 snakes with one shovel, or 2 spiders with one swipe, or 2 hamsters with one shot.

October 18

I am not addicted. I am not, I tell you!!!

I am not addicted to chocolate. I am not addicted to pink, and I am NOT addicted to WoodWick candles.

I refuse to be addicted to Pumpkin Butter, Caramel, or Biscotti, or even Vanilla Latte~~which I don’t have yet, but Christmas is coming. I am not addicted to the fact that the smell is so intense that you can smell it all through the house and even outside…even when the house is all closed up, but most of all, I am not addicted to the soothing sound the wick makes. No, I do not sit at my desk with my eyes closed and listen to my candle. It just doesn’t happen here!

Nope! I am not addicted, and you can’t make me!!!

So there!