October 31

Last week, as I was beating the pants off the daughter in a game of Hands and Feet, I peered out the back door, and this is what I saw.


So I yelled politely called to the boy to bring me my camera.

He went and got it, and begged politely asked if he could take the pictures. “No, I wanna take the picture.” “You sure can take the pictures”, I told him.

So, out he went. Snapping away.

He did a wonderful job.

Then he calls out, “Mom, you just gotta see the rest of this sunset.” At this point, I am smokin’ her in this game, and I could care less about the sunset. I said, “I can see it just fine from where I am sitting.”

“No, mom, you just gotta come see this.”

So, I got up and went out.

Only to find my son right there, (right there where that arrow is). Right there! My heart stopped for a second. Could that be any more dangerous? So he is 17 ½, he could still fall, he could break his neck, he could snap his arm into 45 pieces, he could flatten his nose, and get a coconut shell in his eye, (I tossed coconut shells off the deck the other week, interestingly, they are still there) or he could just wobble a bit and give me a mini-stroke, which is exactly what he did.

When I finally turned around to make sure I didn’t see his demise if he should, in fact fall, I saw this…

and this…

He was right. It was to good to miss.

What do your kids do/have done that cause/d you to stroke out?

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18 thoughts on “October 31”

  1. Get on a horse that is not broken and ride it. They think it is great when it stands up on it’s back legs or runs wickedly fast. I just pray that every time they get on one God will watch over them, and me.

    😉 fixed

  2. My dh promised my middle dd a Cinderella Vanity (aka big plastic overpriced toy). I was not happy but we bought it and I think it helped saved her life. She fell head first out of the top bunk (her sister was ignoring her so she leaned out farther) and bounced off the thing and onto the floor. It saved her life (with God’s help, I’m sure). I did get to witness all this and I almost had a breakdown thinking of all the things that could have happened.

  3. You don’t want to get me started…or was it your sister….I think you both had a hand in all the gray hair I have….

    I was the good one…..no wait…..I rebelled inwardly……SHE was the goodie twoshoes…

    PS. They make stuff to cover that gray

  4. My Ds would have joined yours, standing on the rail. And my Dd’s would have been up there too. My Dd 6 y/o would have probably attempted to get up higher if possible. She is a daredevil and has no sense of fear!

    Your sunset was really beautiful! God sure paints you some beautiful skies.

  5. Race car driving tops it for me! I HATE it and both of my older teen sons race. “Drives” me crazy.

    yep…yep…yep…that would do it for me too!

  6. Lovely photos, CC 😀

    Riding a motorcycle has been the worst so far. Correction: LEARNING to ride a motorcycle has been the worst so far, especially when the young one plows into a tree. OK, it wasn’t a tree…..it was a bush…..a big bush….a poke your eye out bush!

  7. My now grown sherrif’s deputy son, climbed to the roof of our mobile home when he was 4…to retrieve his shoe….he thrown up there. (what a throw!) But then horrors got worse with the addition of 3 step-sons. They used to do some horrible things to each other…no love lost with them, even now as they are grown. Notice, I didn’t say grown up. But all the things that can worry a parent to no end can’t compare to having one son in Air Force doing secret missions, one son currently in Iraq where a suicide bomber killed 39 yesterday,one son in law enforcement, and a husband who retired from military, but is still “Ready Reserve”. I thank Heavenly Father I have Him to keep my worries in check. How can others live without Faith? Enjoy yours in your sunsets and your boy. He’s a cool photographer.

  8. So far, my kiddos have not done anything (that I know of) that would give me a stroke. But I’m sure if one of them would, it would be Shan.

  9. The first solo drive in the car was a heart wrencher for me. I knew they were good drivers, but the other guys out on the road ,I am not so sure about. You do have some lovely pics. I don’t see how people can doubt there is a God.

  10. My youngest once spent a week auditioning for Jack***. AT least that’s what it felt like. He went head first off the back deck…(diving for a ball) and put his tooth through his lip, two days later he was playing inside a cardboard box and tipped backwards, he put his head through the window…(What scared me most was he didn’t cry, I thought a shard of glass had gone right through his little head or something), then two days later he ate one of those sachet things out of a box of shoes!
    He was 13months old at the time. That week almost did me in.

    Asthma attacks I can handle. Head through a window….not so much.

    Sunsets are gorgeous. Only my youngest son would stand out there on that railing with your boy. The other two are terrified of heights! And seeing that would have given me a stroke too.

  11. I’m not sure why that word is looking like a link…..it was just my way of trying to say that horrible show without saying it’s name!

    I fixed it for you.

  12. The only thing I can remember mine ever doing is throwing themselves out of their baby bed. When they got big enough to stand up they would flip themselves over the railing and land any which way…on their head, feet, back…I finally made hubby lower the mattress all the way down and just leave the railing down. I figured if they didn’t have as far to fall maybe they would break less.

    Breathtaking sunsets….I love looking at your pictures…keep em coming. I am especially looking forward to the first

    snow picture…;-)

    First WHAT picture? You know that word has been stricken from my vocabulary! 😉

  13. I can’t remember you doing anything, you weren’t the dare-devil. I remember Annie eating part of Christmas tree bulb, a screw from the (avocado yuk!) range, and stuffing parts of Gma & Gpa’s foam mattress up her nose.

    Think I’ll keep Sue in my prayers. Sounds like she has a lot on her plate. Please let her know how much we appreciate her sons willingly putting their lives on the line for our great nation!

  14. I’m trying to think what my kids have done the came close to giving me a stoke or heart failure. To be honest I’ve not witnessed them just heard about them.

    Hubby is the one that really scares me. In our church gym there are 4 really big lights that hang from the ceiling. One needed the bulb replaced. There wasn’t money to rent a lift so Pastor was going to climb a latter to take care of it. No one would let him as he had an inner ear problem that eventually caused him to retire from active ministry This was about 11 or so years ago. So hubby steps up and says he’ll do it since no one else was willing to climb an extention ladder being held in place by three rope held by 3 strong men from the balcony of our gym. Needless to say I left the gym and asked to be informed when he was off the ladder.

    Yes he’s still alive.

  15. umm…. I would have a stroke if my kids threw coconut shells off the deck!! I was waiting for someone to ask but ?????????

    My daughter bought herself some real coconuts. To bash them, you have to wrap them up in a towel and take a hammer to them. I shook the towel off the back deck.

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