October 30

In 2 more days it will be November. November?!? Good gravy! Where did the year go?

I remember when I was 10ish after Christmas there was nothing to look forward too, and let me just say that Easter seemed an eternity away, and next Christmas…well, I figured I had quite a long time to be naughty because next Christmas was just never. going. to. come.

Wasn’t Christmas just 3 weeks ago?, and it is upon me again. Again! I haven’t even begun shopping, peoples. I haven’t even thought about it. Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas 3 weeks ago? What happened to my good intentions of getting all my shopping done in January? or even February when all the sales are going on? What happened to me sneaking in a gifty here and there?

Time happened and I have to be honest here, time my friends, is no longer my friend. Time has turned against me. I don’t even remember when it turned traitor, but it did, and now I am left to pick up the sad, lonely pieces. Now I am left scrambling to make a list of what I want to give to those I love. Now I am left begging for Christmas lists and scraping the back of my brain to remember what the chips have said that they want….sigh.

Time. You have been squandered and wasted…I have not been a good steward. I am sorry.

Have you begun Christmas shopping?

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19 thoughts on “October 30”

  1. I am only slightly better off than you. I have one gift stashed and I have knit 3 gifts. I am at a loss for the rest of it. The stores are already in full swing in terms of decorations and gift displays. The catalogs are pouring in. We are in trouble, aren’t we?

    Yes we are. I am skeerd!

  2. I have been doing Christmas shopping every weekend for about 4 weeks now. πŸ™‚

    I have my kids gifts probably 85% done. πŸ™‚

  3. Good Lord Girlfriend – I don’t think you need to beat yourself up about not Christmas shopping yet. At least wait until mid December!

    note to self~~Rechelle says I can wait till mid-December to do shopping! Yippee!!!

  4. After just shoveling all the Legos out from under a bed I’ve called off Christmas. Feeling very bahumbug-y. Does that count as a word? Could it be a verb or something?

    Absolutely…….or it could be an adjective.

  5. Nooooooooooooooo!!!

    Blah. Maybe my kids should be allowed the wonderful opportunity of learning how South Africans celebrate Christmas. And since our Christmas is celebrated in summer, we can wait until then…can’t we?

  6. I started this past weekend with hubby and we are almost done with the children. As far as anyone else I have purchased zilch!! Nada!!

    So don’t panic you are not alone!!

  7. Say it ain’t so! I’m still trying to take a few Halloweeny pics for my blog; can’t think about Christmas yet.

    I seriously think that time contracts as I get older. I think that’s why seniors eat dinner at 4pm. They’re afraid they’l blink and it will be midnight. πŸ™‚

  8. I can’t afford Christmas this year. All I have is dryer lint.

    Your blog doesn’t let me store my information anymore. I have to type it in every time. Don’t worry, I will . . . just wondered if you knew that.

    I didn’t know that. I had problems responding to another WP blog.

  9. Nope, not started here either. We have a few small things on lay away, but nothing really done. You’re certainly not alone.

  10. Yes, I have purchased a few items and started on some of my homemade gifts. Hubby and I just bought ourselves our Christmas present….which of course we won’t wait until Christmas to enjoy!

  11. I agree with Mary. As a member of the “senior set” time flies sooo fast. We are celebrating Christmas a little cheaply this year. Financial cuts and higher prices are dictating that. We are just thankful to keep our leaky roof over our heads. I will be getting something for the kids and grandkids and of course Uncle Jim. He is a kid at Christmas. (What am I talking about. He is a kid all the time!!!!!!!!

  12. I haven’t purchased anything, but my dear hubby has. Actually, he does most, if not all of the Christmas shopping for the kids. He usually goes overboard, but he enjoys it and it takes a load off of me, so I no longer feel guilty not doing the shopping. I do buy for everyone else, though. But, sorry “everyone else,” I haven’t gotten you anything yet πŸ™‚

    That’s ok, I know whatever I get from you is going to be great. It always is. PS…the bestest gifty I could get from you is spending Christmas with you.

  13. Well, I bought a few gifts from missionaries earlier this year. All I have to do is remember where I put them so that I can box, wrap & mail the ones not for my immediate family.

  14. Just wanted to chime in with an “I’m not much better than you at this point” type post. I have a few things bought, I’d say about 2/3 of K’s birthday (her party is T-Giving weekend so that comes first), and almost 1/2 of her Christmas bought, nothing made, no Christmas cookies/goodies baked, ONE lone present for DH, nothing bought or made for my parents, nothing really stored up for gift exchanges, it’s just sad.

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