October 29

In the effort to keep this blog as real as possible, I just have a few comments.

  • My laundry is breeding like rabbits
  • It is cold here in the armpit of Ohio
  • I don’t like being cold.
  • I need to bake bread
  • I just want to curl up on the couch and go back to sleep.
  • I am afraid to knit mittens.
  • I suck the icing out of my tips and couplers.

And, now, onto pictures of the creations that the boy and I made on the last day of course 2, of cake decorating class. Next course we are doing fondant and wedding cakes. Let me just say for the record that fondant looks lovely, but it also tastes like paste. I am not quite sure that I will enjoy this class as much as the others as, well, there is no icing to lick, slurp or suck out of couplers and tips…just gross fondant. Blech!

Here is the boy’s cake. He did a superb job. I am so proud of him.

Here is the other side.

Front of my cake.

And the back. I thought that I wasn’t going to have enough flowers, but I ended up having almost to many. That is a good thing, because some of the little ones ended up in…..uh…..my mouth.

Would you take a cake decorating class if you could?

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18 thoughts on “October 29”

  1. I hate cold, but I would come to Ohio. My BFF is there and I miss her.

    Would I take a decorating class? Maybe for a home, but not for a cake! I could never get them as lovely as you two!

  2. Your cakes are stunning! My girl, Honey B on our blog (http://sweetsuehoneyb.blogspot.com/) teaches the cake decorating courses too and she lets her students use buttercream if they prefer, because royal is not great. And yes most fondant is yucky, epecially that for the classes, but there are some fabulous ones out there like Choc-O-Pan. And here’s a hint; you can make it taste better and be sparkly too by using a small paintbrush and painting your fondant decorations, etc. with clear vanilla. Ooooohhh! Much, much more better. Keep up the excellent work and having fun!

  3. Wow! They look great. My kids decided that the second cake (Mom’s) was the best. I would love to take a class someday. How long does it take you to decorate a cake like that?

    It took us about 3 hours to make the flowers on Saturday evening. Then on Sunday, it took about an hour.

  4. Both cakes look great. When I do get to Ohio I want one made just for me! 😀

    No, I wouldn’t take a cake decorating class but I’d love for hubby to take one. He loves that kind of stuff and would love decorating cakes for me. He’s done the ones that I’ve made for the kids birthday’s long time ago.

  5. I wouldn’t mind taking one on working with fondant. I really am not good at that one, except making decorations with them. I need to learn how to cover a cake with it.

  6. Your cakes are gorgeous! You guys really ought to be opening shop pretty soon.

    I agree with you, that fondant is gross. I’ve never tasted it…aint’ gonna either. I think your cakes are much prettier.

  7. Nope. I like to see what others have done(which by the way you both did an excellent job).I just feel good slopping a jar of icing on a cake and smoothing it out. I don’t want to get too good. Then my guys would expect it all the time.

  8. Those cakes are too pretty to eat! Did you keep them or give them away? Great job!

    I gave my cake to our pastor’s wife. She let me borrow a cupcake stand for the baby shower I did the cupcakes for, so I gave it to her in thanks. We are eating the boy’s.

  9. That was sweet of you and her! Friends are the BEST, aren’t they???

    Absolutely! I am so glad that YOU are my friend!!!

  10. Very pretty! No, I wouldn’t take a class. I would get a few books and get to it. I actually did that once upon a time, but I didn’t really enjoy cake decorating because I was too impatient – I wanted to hurry up and eat my cake!

    Please don’t be afraid to knit mittens. They are even easier than socks.

    It is the thumb part that I am concerned about. I really need to be shown how to do it. I am such a visual goof!

  11. I am afraid to knit mittens too. But that hardly surprising since I am not the worlds best knitter.

    This cakes are gorgeous. You and the boy did such a great job. I’m not sure I would take a class unless I was planning on doing it for a career or something. (My men don’t really eat cakes. TYpical AUstralian Country men. No fuss food is their thing)

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