October 28

Yesterday was a full day for me.

I got up early as the boy took his ACT yesterday. I wanted to make sure that he started the day off with a hearty breakfast. I even made the supreme sacrifice, like mothers are wont to do, and gave him my very last Dove Dark for break time for brain food, because we all know that chocolate is brain food!!! I love my boy!

After the boy left, the girl and I went for our weekly Saturday hang out type thingie. We went into this gift shop that had all sorts of knick-knacks, and crystal goblets, and Oneida silver, and China place settings. It was great girly fun, and we picked out which crystal champaign goblet we would choose, and for some reason, the girl is extremely attracted to martini glasses.

After the boy finished his testing, he really wanted to go up to Amish to Walnut Creek Cheese. We love going there. The store is just wonderful. I purchase as much as I can in bulk ~~’cause I’m FRUGAL~~ and then we sample all the wonderful samples that they have, oogle all the kitchen ware items, and the girl and I oooh and aaaah over the tea pots, tea cups, tea spoons, and everything else that comes with tea.

They have added on, expanded, and re-arranged the store, and the boy wanted to see the changes. It would have been all well and good, but there were 653 people in that building, and to maneuver around was a horror to behold. We are not crowd people. The hustle and the bustle don’t do one blessed thing for us, but give us a headache, a stomach ache, and a wish to run outside in the calm serene air. To make matters worse, all 676 people had gobbled up all the samples, and we didn’t get a one. It was a tragic, tragic, tragic. We just didn’t even enjoy the experience. I did snap this photo when we went out.

So calm, so serene is this single maple tree. It was a welcome sight after having to deal with 774 people eating all the samples.

Leaving there, the boy wanted to take us out for supper, so we went on in to Sugarcreek to eat at Dutch Valley and for once, just this once, I was ever so glad that we didn’t have samples at Walnut Creek Cheese. It was delicious.

Since my parents are only 15 minutes from where we were, we popped in to see them. Hi mom! Hi dad!

We got home a bit later than what I had hoped. See, we still needed to make our icing flowers for our cake decorating class today. The boy and I are totally into a 100% edible cake, and not only 100% edible, but the icing MUST taste good. We were supposed to do our pre-made flowers with Royal Icing. This stuff drys rock hard, looks gorgeous, and tastes like paste. We don’t want people to eat paste, so we, the rebels that we are, made our icing out of regular old butter cream, but we made it extra stiff. We didn’t get started till 8:30, then we figured out that ….OH NO! we didn’t have any yellow food coloring, so Superman ( as the husband will henceforth be known on this blog) flew to Stuffmart to get us some. We didn’t get to bed till 11, which totally goes against my ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ mantra.

I woke up early because I was worried concerned that our rebellion would not have turned out, and that the icing would have stuck to the papers that we dried them on. I came downstairs to see that indeed, we were right. We can have our cake and eat it too.

So! Which picture do you think are my flowers and which one is the boy’s? I will let you know later on.

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13 thoughts on “October 28”

  1. We are not crowd people either. But that scenery pic, oh my. How stunningly gorgeous! Everythign here is so brown and depressing, I forgot just how beautifully green some of this world really was.

    I’m not sure whose flowers are whose, but they are sure look delicious.

  2. Oh boy, did I make enough typo’s? My apologies, this is my typing skill or rather lack thereof prior to enough caffine to induce heart attack in a baby elephant.

  3. I am going to say the firt ones are yours and the second ones are Dean’s. The top ones have bigger pink flowers. Either way, they all look beautiful.I hope you don’t get in trouble for rebelling.

  4. Oh my word! Those are gorgeeeeous!! I’m sitting here bowing to the computer saying I’m not worthy to either you or the boy. If y’all don’t get an A+ squirt the lady with frosting. πŸ™‚

  5. Dean’s is the first picture and yours is the second. Love the blue roses…whoever made them!

    The Dutch Valley place sure looks nice and I’m glad you got to go without sharing your dinner with 843 other people. πŸ˜‰

    How did the ACT go?

    He said that he was really strong on English/Reading, but the math……..he said that he spent the entire time trying to guess which one that the answer wasn’t. Since we did Consumer Math, Business Math, and Algebra1, he didn’t know signs and co-signs etc. He also said that some of the science parts were “hairy”.

  6. Not having looked at the replies as of yet I would hazard a guess that your flowers are the first picture and the boy’s are the second one.

    I did check for spelling errors but I’ve not looked at any of the posts.

  7. I can’t believe that I was wrong!! I just didn’t think that you’d make blue roses.

    Glad he did good on the tests, I can’t relate about the science – that was probably the worst one for me as well and that was 25 years ago!! :0 I had taken a lot of math in hs due to a father who forced me to so while my grades in math weren’t great I did well on the ACT due to my knowing how to take that type of test.

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