October 26

It is getting cooler here in Chicville, and with that, for us, comes a change in what we eat. More soups, stews, more comfort food, and plenty of hot chocolate!!!

We also like to grill our year long, but with the menu change, it is difficult to decide what to have with said grilled items.

So, today’s burning question(s). Do you grill our year long? If so, how does your menu change in the cooler months? Do you still serve picnic type sides, or do you change that too? Do you make sweet potato fries?  Do you serve noodles?  How about brussel sprouts and spinach?   Green beans?  Corn?  What is it that you serve?

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14 thoughts on “October 26”

  1. Yes, we grill all year. Our menu doesn’t change much. We don’t have the cold weather like you do. 😀

    It is so sad that you can not live in a normal place like I do.

  2. It all depends on where we’re living. Last year we grilled our Christmas dinner, and we’ll probably do it again this year. 🙂

    The only thing that will change when the weather is cooler is that I’ll start baking again.

  3. We grill all year long!! We have a tendency to eat more potatoes, noodles and rice during the winter. During the summer, we eat more picnic style dishes potato salad, coleslaw, mac salad, baked beans, etc.

  4. We use our grill all year long, too. In the colder moths, mostly just for the meat, then we have some sort of veggie side dish, usually green beans because Hubby likes them.
    In the fall, I tend to cook more sweet potato dishes…baked,mashed, fried…than I do in the summer.
    I’m already missing fresh tomatoes and sweet corn on the cob!

  5. Well, I haven’t had a grill in two years, so I cook inside all year long. I like cooking in the fall much better since we don’t have AC. It warms the house. So, I bake a lot more too.

  6. For the most part, I am a fair weather griller. But if there is a break in the weather – even in the middle of winter, I will light the coals. But we would probably have baked potatoes instead of potato salad. And a warm veggie side dish.

  7. We are just warm weather grillers. And we also make alot of soup and fresh bread/rolls to go with it.It smells so good -it attempts to keep the chill out of your bones!!

  8. We do not grill out. We don’t have a grill. We eat vegan, so we really wouldn’t have anything to grill on it, anyway. LOL! But, I LOVE soups and just made a nifty one. Check it out on my blog. 😀

  9. We have a little smokey joe and do not use it in the winter.
    The last time my husband made burgers they tasted so much like lighter fluid….I never want another thing cooked on the smokey jo by him.

  10. I don’t grill out anymore. My grill is gone and I didn’t invest in another. I do like the change up in foods during the seasons. It is funny how we connect certain foods with the times of the year.

  11. yep all year round. In winter we make potato bakes, chickpea and spinach pilaf, warm pasta sides, roast vegetables or grilled vegetables, and regualr vegies cooked as I would if I cooked the meat inside only Dh would do it outside.

  12. Hubby and son grill all year long for me 😉 I love the flavor of meat that has been grilled.

    Winter meals here aren’t that much different from summer ones.

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