October 24

I live in a turn of the century small…read 1200 sq. ft. small…Victorian house. I love it. I love its crookedy walls, I love its creaking floors, I adore the floor length windows and what is left of the original woodwork. I love to imagine the people who first lived in it, and the people who built it. If I could go back in time though, I’d wring their scrawny. little. necks. Not only did they use inferior foundational materials, whoever made the blueprints of this living area was smokin’ something. And they had to have been smoking it for a loooong time!!

The boy and I rearranged the part of the living area of the house Friday.

It was so necessary that I canceled school for the day. I needed the boy’s brawn. Why?

Because I had to move my computer desk.

What in the world would possess me to move this massive hunk of particle board?

Why would I spend 2 long and sweaty hours clearing EVERY piece of junk off my desk, strewing it all over creation, heaving that thing around the room, and putting all that much needed junk back on???

I’ll show you.

That7 x 12 inch piece of metal is the only heating vent on this side of the living area. There are only 2 others in a room that is 25 x 12, and it was being covered up by the massive desk. I am sure that 3 small vents in a room this size was just fine when this house had a coal furnace. I am sure that this living room was one toasty place to be, but now the house is in possession of a fuel efficient, energy saving furnace and I need every vent available. Hence the moving of the monster desk.

Do you have a huge computer desk?

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  1. As a matter of fact, my computer desk is almost EXACTLY like yours. We’re about to unload it and move it into our FINISHED school room! Himself is putting the second coat of paint on as we speak!

    I can’t wait to get that eyesore OUT of my house.

    Make sure he has his back brace on before he moves it.

  2. Yep, we do and I helped the hubby move it a few months ago. It has two pieces and it is so heavy. We will have to move it again when we re-do the living room.

    Your house looks lovely. 🙂

  3. Yes. It is an old hand-me-down desk from who-knows-where. Let’s just say it came with the house b/c nobody wants to move it. Hubby and I just moved this desk into the homeschool room from his computer room. (we had two desks in there….had visions of having a cute little setup with each of us having desk space….I got over it). So, I feel your pain with emptying, moving, and reloading your desk! The former computer desk was similar to yours and going into a boy’s room.

  4. No. We had one at our last house, but we got rid of it when we moved here. Now we just have a cabinet, but I am wireless so I don’t have to sit at it anymore. It is the kids’ computer now.

  5. It would have been easier to add a new register over by the window. Furnace pipe is cheap like the owner..
    That way you could have the “bun warmer” that you need and maybe the room would be a degree warmer or so….ya think??

    I prefer to think of myself as frugal, not cheap! I am also lazy, and adding a register would involve sawing and ripping carpet, and dust and mess.

  6. “Cheap” was easier to spell…I just added one in our living room , and done right there is very little dust and mess. The benifits outweigh any minor inconvience that might be experianced….

    So when are you coming over to do mine??? **insert picture of me begging**

  7. I would have had hubby do what your dad mentioned before I would have moved such a monstrosity.

    I don’t have a “computer” desk. What I have is an old Army surplus wood desk that I use to keep the computer on. My problem is that the computer has to sit right under the thermostat which will cause the house to be cold in winter do to the heat from the computer making the thermostat to think the room is warmer than it is. Several factors, which I won’t go into here, keep me from being able to move it to a more convenient place.

  8. My desk is an enormous corner desk that Dh has to take apart to move. The boys are upset with me because in this house the desk needed it’s own room so they have to share. We had a much bigger house in our last posting, it’s not so much that this house is small, it’s not, but it’s an awkward shape for our furniture, so instead of the desk being in our family room like it was last time, it’s now in it’s own room which has no phone outlet so I am sitting on the lounge with the laptop and an enormously long phone cord so I cna access my ancient dial up to type up this ridiculously long winded comment.
    Wow, bet you didn’t expect the Queen of the run on sentence to answer your very simple question in a novella. 😆

  9. My desk is gigantic. It sits in my kitchen because that is the only room with two empty walls at a corner. The location works out – the laundry stays done and I usually don’t burn the meals.

    I’m glad you got yours moved. It’s a big job moving a desk.

  10. My computer desk is the corner part of my built in bedroom dresser. It goes all around the corner and across the entire end of the bedroom. You know how mobile homes are designed. I couldn’t move it if I wanted to. You know how I like to move furniture!!!!!

  11. I found a corner type desk in a furniture store. It is heavy but we did not have to put it together. It sits in my living room (not in a corner) and I like it just fine. I do however need to purchase my daughter a computer desk. I wonder if they have any more at that furniture store? Oh I just remembered, it went out of business. Shoot.

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