October 23

While at the Apple Butter Festival, I thought that it would be a perfect time to get pictures of the chips that was some place other than inside my house. Get some pictures of their personality.

My son, being the cooperative boy that he is,

refused to look at me

the entire time we were there. I am beginning to really love his profile!

The girl, on the other hand, seems to really love to have her picture taken.

She is very willing to sit,

and and smile on command.

Turn and be cute, even when the jewelry is beckoning her.

See this gorgeous hair? Life just doesn’t seem to be fair all of a sudden.

Tamara~recognize that shirt and jacket???

I think I will just stick to taking surprise pictures at home.

Please forgive the quality on this picture…it was a surprise!

It is raining today.   So dreary.   The weather is changing and letting me know that winter is fast approaching.   Winter and I, well, lets just say we aren’t the best of friends.

Is it raining at your house today?

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11 thoughts on “October 23”

  1. Nope, no rain in South Carolina (waaaaa). We need rain so bad!!!

    If I were Dean, I would start posing for pictures. Those surprise ones, hee hee.

    Yes, I recognize the shirt and jacket. They look very nice on her. Her hair is GORGEOUS. Yes, I’m jealous, too. Such a pretty girl.

  2. That second last pic of Kirs in particular is stunning! She has eye lashes worth maiming for! (And a face that should be in a neutrogena add) The boy has a nice profile. Them be good looking chips Tanya.Posed, contrary, natural and startled, just gorgeous.

  3. I absolutely LOVE her hair! Beautiful!

    As for rain…….YES!! The pond behind our house is finally full again for the moment. So far, we’ve had a little over 5 inches.

  4. Yep, we are at day 2 of rain. I am loving it!

    The boy Chip ought to start posing for his pictures, he has a great profile, but the surprise pic is not the best.

    Kirs is lovely! She has a beautiful smile!

  5. No rain. Just humidity. Lots of humidity.

    What is it with boy children and pictures? We have to practically bribe or threaten ours. Everyone will think he’s a rotten kid, when he’s not! :-$

  6. Yes it is raining,and raining, and raining. Out in California where my kids live they would love to have some rain. They are having dust storms and fires out there. But not here!

  7. I read your comment on BooMama’s post today. I know the struggle, and I prayed for you today.

    BTW: Handsome children you have!

    Thanks for your prayers. I need each and every one. We all do!

  8. Yep, the surprise pic of the boy isn’t a good one but the others….great profiles! Oh what a mom will do to win the battles + the war. 😆

    I don’t think it’s a boy thing about having pictures taken as my son has no problem w/having his done, frequently he will ask for me to take the picture.

    The girl is beautiful, love her hair and the waves she has 😉

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