October 21

My mother is a decorator. On holidays and special occasions, she has all sorts of decorations to put up. They all are lovely. They are always tasteful.

I love seeing her house decorated so perfectly on every occasion. It gives me a sense of peace, of enjoyment, of happiness. Unfortunately, the decorating gene skipped this generation, and I know that my daughter is so disappointed in me. She loves to decorate too. To me, it is just way to much work, to much storage, and to much getting out and putting away.

I shocked my family this year, though. I decorated for fall. It is a first here in the Chocolatechic household. I wouldn’t have done it either, except I got a fall themed kitchen towel for my birthday, so it is hanging on my stove. Yep! That is the extent, the entirety, and the sum total of my decorating for autumn. I am so proud of myself.

Just about every blog that I have read in the last week or so have pumpkin/fall pictures. I refuse to be left out, so here you have it, my pumpkin/fall offering.

I don’t have any trees in my yard, so I had to go elsewhere to get this picture.

If your into fall decorations, this could be in your yard. It’s not in my yard because I don’t have any mums, or hay, or gourds or pumpkins or cute little pieces of metal to stick into them. I have grass, and that is fall enough for me.

Can someone please tell me why hay and pumpkins go together?

Or why it is necessary to have an odd number of pumpkins when you are decorating?

This is all of the fall I have to offer you. This is all you get! I will not give anymore. I am a Scrooge. Ask anyone.

They are lucky to have the towel.

Do you like to decorate for the different seasons?

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12 thoughts on “October 21”

  1. I love to decorate for seasons, but alas, I haven’t the supplies, the money, nor the energy. Had I the money, I would hire someone to help(not do it all, that would take out the fun) me decorate. I would also hire someone to help me organize and clean my house, too.
    But right now, the thought of it just exhausts me.
    I see other houses that are decorated so cute and just wish….

  2. I love to decorate! I am not as good as your mother, though. Christmas is my favorite. I have a whole shed full of decorations. Most of them are Christmas, but I do have Fall, Thanksgiving, Easter. Patriotic stuff,etc. When Thanksgiving is over everything in my house is taken down and packed away, then we haul out box after box after box. I am on cloud nine then. Well you have seen my house at Christmas. You know what I mean. Your towel is a start. Maybe next year you might get a fall candle to add to your theme.

  3. It’s an odd number of pumpkins because that’s how you do art. You don’t put an even number of birds in a painting usually . . .1, 3, 5.

    Boy didn’t that sound like I knew what I was talking about? HAH!

    I decorate for Christmas. My daughter is like your daughter, though. She’s the one who goes all out for birthdays and holidays around here. My contribution is to let her.

  4. You have a lovely towel. 🙂

    The eye likes odd numbers, that is why 3 pumpkins looks better than two. Since we can’t find two pumpkins that perfectly match, we must go with three or five or seven….then symmetry is irrelevant and our little brains are happy. (sounds good anyway)

    Yes, I like to decorate for the changing seasons and certain holidays. Fall is fun because of the change in colors that are so appealing and make you feel all warm inside. I have several mums on my porch and driveway showing off their brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges, but I only have one pumpkin.

    Lovely pictures, CC!

  5. Yep, I have an orange bin full of autumn stuff and several red and green bins full of Christmas stuff. I love to decorate for the holidays. 😀

  6. I love to decorate!! I went all out this year for fall. I even planted gourds in my garden for the first time in anticipation of fall decorating! They are a blast to watch vine EVERYWHERE!! And decorate with!
    I love snowmen and christmas decor.
    And at spring time I change all my greenery to the “fresh” looking greens.

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