October 20

Because you all mean so much to me, and because I just know that you will want to sympathize, I am sharing with you how I was horribly tortured the other evening by the boy.

The smell alone was pure agony!

Do you see those puddles of icing. It was almost to much to bear.

But when he handed me the plate and forced me to eat 2 of them, my mouth began to salivate, my toes began to curl, and my eyes almost rolled into the back of my head.

Yes, folks, it was that bad! Y’all know where to send sympathy cards. I’ll be checking my mail daily!

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14 thoughts on “October 20”

  1. Okay, those pictures are just too cruel for words. My computer screen has a dent in it from me trying to jump in! Poor Kirs, I bet she has a hard time – in all seriousness – not eating stuff that looks and smells that good.

    My heart aches for her.

  2. How could a young man brought up like he was do such a thing to his mother. I like torture too!!!!!!!!! They look like they would melt in your mouth.

  3. Hmmm…wonder where he gets that meaness? This morning I was thinking, while eating my cold cereal, that it would be nice for DH to bring home some fresh donuts on his way home from work. I think you would agree, that would be a lovely start to our Saturdays. Then I have to come here and SEE THIS! The injustice, I’ll tell ya!

  4. First, what did he do to make the icing brown instead of white??

    Second, I bet he tied you up and force fed you those cinnamon rolls. 🙄

    Quick, while he’s at work put them all in a box and ship them to Alaska, he’ll never think to look for them up here or if he does by the time he’s saved up airfare the evidence will be GONE!!

    It is a brown sugar icing. You use ½ brown sugar and ½ powdered sugar, about 1 c. total, 2 tbsp butter melted, a blurb of vanilla, pinch salt and enough milk to thin it as thin as you like.

    Your so right, you ought to see the rope burns I have from it….sad…sad…sad! 😉 Sorry though, they are already gone.

  5. It’s really not as bad as all that guys….she made me make them in the first place. 🙂

    Oh…please! You begged to make them, and I said sure. 🙄

  6. I think there is an 800 number for when kids abuse their parents…

    It’s 1-800-poooor baby in your case. LOL

    I am suddenly hungry (again).

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