October 18

I am not addicted. I am not, I tell you!!!

I am not addicted to chocolate. I am not addicted to pink, and I am NOT addicted to WoodWick candles.

I refuse to be addicted to Pumpkin Butter, Caramel, or Biscotti, or even Vanilla Latte~~which I don’t have yet, but Christmas is coming. I am not addicted to the fact that the smell is so intense that you can smell it all through the house and even outside…even when the house is all closed up, but most of all, I am not addicted to the soothing sound the wick makes. No, I do not sit at my desk with my eyes closed and listen to my candle. It just doesn’t happen here!

Nope! I am not addicted, and you can’t make me!!!

So there!

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10 thoughts on “October 18”

  1. I found your blog through the Pioneer Woman’s (I have too much time on my hands this morning). Just wanted to say I agree…these candles are THE BEST! I found them a couple of months ago and LOVE them!

  2. Riiiight – you’re not an addict (wink). Where do you find those? I ask because I care – that and maybe I should join you. 🙂

    Fortunately for me, there is a store in the area that carries these. If you click on Woodwick in my original post it is a link to a place to purchase them. I put all my links in pink.

  3. Like you said, Christmas is coming and you just happen to have a sister who would love to share your non-addiction with you 😉

    Oh…..really??? Which flavor would you like to start with?

  4. Hi! I have just found your blog, and am enjoying reading and getting to know you a bit… these candles sound wonderful! I think I will have to try them…. I was looking through your recipes, and was wondering, on the Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, what size packages of cream cheese are you using? Forgive me if that sounds like a “duh” question, but I really would like to try it as I love coffee cakes, especially simple ones! Well, goodness I should run before I end up writing a book here LOL…. I look forward to coming back to “visit” again 🙂

    So glad you stopped by to visit.

    The packages of cream cheese are 8 oz. It isn’t a duh question, I didn’t specify.

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