October 17

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents stopped by briefly so that I could see my Aunt Sandy and her daughter Alyssia.

They had the fortunate experience to smell what I was cooking and my aunt asked if I would please blog about this deliciousness. So, here I am blogging about this for my aunt who graciously, wonderfully, and lovingly bestowed a Schulers donut on me yesterday.

What did she smell that enticed her so? Melt in your mouth baby back ribs!

First, go to your freezer. You must dig deep for a pack of baby-back ribs that you purchased for your sons birthday and then didn’t use. Feel slightly guilty, shrug your shoulders and be happy that you are having them now. Thaw.

This really is all about method and not necessarily about ingredients.

After your rack of ribs are thawed, rinse and pat dry. Then lovingly rub in whatever kind of spices you prefer. I used salt, pepper, minced garlic, onion powder, and about a third cup of brown sugar. It really doesn’t matter as long as YOU like it. Get your broiler pan out. You know, the gray pan in the drawer under your stove. The one with holes in it…the one you have never used before. Grab that. Wash it first, cause if it is anything like mine, it will be very grimy!

Fill the bottom part of the pan with about an inch of water. Plop your rubbed ribs on the grate part and cover tightly with foil, making sure you crimp the edges.

Place in a 250º oven for 3-3½ hours.

Do not, under any circumstances look at how gross the inside of my stove is. Don’t. You will have nightmares. Don’t do it!! You have been warned!!!

I use 2 tongs to take them off the rack, but as you can see, even with that precaution, they are already falling off the bone. I then cut them into 3-4 bone sections. It makes for easier grilling and less bone falling.

Then you make ask your son to fire up the grill and do your job for you. Of course, he willingly complies, as testosterone + fire = happy male! Grab whatever barbecue sauce you have in your fridge. Shove it and a basting brush at the boy as he goes outside. Your job is finished, unless they want something else to go with it, then you must trudge back down to the dungeon, find an old dusty can of baked beans and grab a bag of egg noodles.

I have personally found that it is much easier to schmear sauce on the meat before placing it on the grill. Less drippage, more sauce on the meatage. See that little bite of meat. I bet he had a tastie. I would have!

Place meaty side down, because…well, it is the best side, and we want it to get happy first. Remember that warning about the inside of my stove, it applies here as well!

Sauce the underside because you must have it totally drenched in sauce to make sure that when you are eating said deliciousness your fingers get all gooey and sloppy and when the phone rings you can’t answer it because you are up to your elbows in sauce.

Flip and add just a smackeral more sauce. See all that caramelized goodness. I am getting hungry again!

Let me just say that when ribs are cooked in this manner, the meat will literally melt in your mouth.

So very, very, very good. Go digging in your freezer. Find some ribs. Make someone’s mouth happy tonight!

What is your favorite rub and barbecue sauce?

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14 thoughts on “October 17”

  1. Not bad for a Yankee Girl 😉 and you tell it so well!

    Baby back ribs are essential, IMO. I don’t like all that fatty extra stuff hanging off the end of my rib bone. We use a dry rub as well and the ingredients change with my moods — but the rub mostly consists of: paprika, onion powder, garlic, crushed basil or oregano, salt, pepper, occasionally some chili powder of some sort. However, the ribs go straight to the grill and left to smoke for a couple of hours. No sauce, but I will occasionally set out a bowl for company that likes it sloppy & gooey. It is most likely what ever sauce was on sale, although KC Masterpiece is what seems to end up in my pantry the most.

  2. That looks delicious! I imagine the smell of those ribs cooking was divine! 🙂

    No favorite rubs or bbq sauces here. I usually just make up something on the spot, homemade bbq sauce too if I am out (and I usually am out.)

  3. Well, that sure made me hungry. I like to use my homemade sauce, which is also my spaghetti sauce. An old McFarland family recipe. You have had it before. I like to rub a little garlic, chili powder, and brown sugar on mine. I have not grilled them on the grill. I have always used the oven. They lokked wonderful.

  4. Oh my stars! I need a plastic cover for my laptop keypad, at least when I visit your blog…. I am drooling so hard I am afraid I am going to fry the keypad!!!

  5. I tried to reply yesterday but WP was not allowing me to do anything. :grrr:

    Anyway, I’ve never done baby backs before as they’re not hubby’s first choice in ribs though he’ll eat them.

    I just may have to try this one day though.

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