October 15

A few weeks ago, my mother asked me to make the cakes for my cousin’s baby shower that took place yesterday. I said that I would love to, and we discussed at length the kind of cake that she wanted. She finally decided that she wanted a diaper cake. The first thing that popped into my mind is that she wanted a cake shaped like a diaper, and I was furiously trying to figure out how in the world I was going to shape a cake like a diaper.

So, what does a diaper cake look like?

Pretty cute if you ask me.

When mom and dad came to pick it up, they brought my birthday present. I love presents. Presents are like…the greatest thing!!! It doesn’t even have to be nice. You could purchase me a bag of nuts and I would be totally thrilled. I am easy, I know. Please don’t tell anyone, or from now on, all my gifts will be bags of nuts, and I am not that easy! I much prefer bags of chocolate thankyouverymuch!

2 weeks ago, I got a box from a friend in Florida filled with what she said was her junk. It was yarn. I was soooooo excited. Thrilled. Estatic. Pleased beyond all pleasing. Happy and dancing for joy!

Then about a week later, I got a box from Alaska. Inside was this.

A lovely crocheted wrap. I let my daughter wrap up in it once over the weekend. Why? oh why? do I do things like that? Knowing that since she has gotten her grubby little hands on it once, mom surely won’t mind letting me use it for the rest of the winter….sigh. I do mind, and I have been wearing it as much as possible ever since to let her know that she needs to have a grubby little hands off feeling about my wrap!

This is what I got for my birthday from my parents.

Isn’t it lovely? I am so blessed. Truly blessed.

I can never ever take it off. If I do, some sweet girl will swoop in~~I think she has a radar of some sort~~try it on, and ask me if she can wear it. I will say “no way, Hosé, mine, mine, mine!” Childish, yes, but ever so effective!

Did you ever borrow jewelry from your mom?

Tomorrow I will tell you all about cupcakes and Italian Buttercream Icing.

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12 thoughts on “October 15”

  1. I have, yes. But I usually return it right away instead of ‘stealing’ it for a while…

    Jewelry, maybe, but how many cook books, decorating books, etc. do you have of mother’s? 😉

  2. Since my daughter started borrowing my stuff, I go and borrow HERS. We constantly fight over a pair of earrings my BFF, BT, gave me when I turned 21.

    Love the wrap, love the ring!

    Have you ever played that horrible baby shower game where you melt different types of candybars into the diapers and you have to guess what they are? Snickers in a diaper = GROSS!

  3. Oh you got me on the cookbooks! My reasoning is she never used them anyway might as well put them to good use. 🙂 And now that I think about it I’m wearing one of my Mom’s rings.
    Hmm, I think you’re right, just point and scream mine!! From your last picture the girl will try for the wrap – live in it.

  4. You look beautiful in both gifts. 🙂
    I’d say you got pretty spoiled for your birthday this year. 😉 😆

    I’m too far away from my mom to borrow her jewelry (I have informed her that as her only daughter I get it all when she goes Home) but I do seem to remember doing so a time or two when I was growing up – I always returned it. I don’t think that I have anything of Mom’s that she’s not given me.

  5. I love everything! Your gifts are beautiful!

    I still borrow stuff from my mom on occasion. Usually, it’s clothing. 🙂

  6. Can’t say I ever borrowed mom’s jewelry. She wasn’t a wearer of much except a watch and her wedding ring. We did play that diaper game at the shower on Sunday. Some said they could never look at candy the same way. The cake was adorable and the cupcakes were delicious. I brought one home to Jarrod and he said you need to go more with more batter and less frosting. He liked the cake part very much. I on the other hand ate the frosting. Between the two of us we took care of it completely. Sorry you could not be there. I missed you!

  7. Aww, how cute is that Diaper cake?! Saying diaper sounds wierd to me, they are nappies. 😀

    You look so cosy in that wrap, I’d swoop on it too. And that ring is just so pretty….good haul!

    I don’t really have much of a relationship with my mother. So no jewellry stealing there. If I were to “borrow” stuff from Mum it would be books. And no, she probably wouldn’t get them back because I love books.

  8. I was wondering as I read why anyone would want a cake that looked like a diaper! LOL Thanks for clearing that up with the pictures or I would have been REALLY confused for… well forever… 😀

    I love your presents-

    Happy BIRTHDAY Sweetie! (Sorry it’s late- I was probably distracted with my boy turning sixteen on the 10th- pretending not to be shocked that it had happened- hahaha) Can’t believe I didn’t even send a card- bad friend bad friend- I is sooooo sowwy. 😦

    I just love the ring… it is gorgeous. Opals are so beautiful and unique! October is a great month!

    I don’t borrow jewelry from my mom- she says I lost her class ring in high school- but I don’t remember ever borrowing it… “???”

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