October 13

Yesterday I did something awful. Something that I rarely do, and it caused much sadness to me later in the day. I set my purse on my computer chair. That is the awful thing.

Yes, my dears…it was bad. Why? because you see, my purse had my camera in it, and because I rarely set my purse in my chair, later when I came back to check my email/blog/blog stats, I sat on my purse…and therefore my camera. Yes, much sadness, much crying and tears, much weeping and groaning.

I have broken my screen. I can not preview any pictures, nor can I change any settings or even see if I am deleting pictures after I have uploaded them. At least it is still taking pictures.  So, sooner rather than later, I am truly in the market for a new digital camera, and I am coming to you for ideas. I need a good, but inexpensive~~please read under $100~~digital camera.

Any ideas…before I cry…again?

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  1. This is SO weird, b/c I knocked my camera off of my computer desk yesterday, and after a really short tumble to the ground (on carpet mind you), mine won’t stay on long enough to take a picture. Luckily I just bought mine and it’s still under warranty (because a camera should be able to sustain light abuse like a soft landing on carpet they are going to replace it), but if it wasn’t I would be crying, too! In fact I was just sick when I turned it on and it wouldn’t work right!
    All that to say, today it is magically working again. Seriously, I just tried it one more time, and now it works again. So my vote for your new camera is a HP Photosmart. We bought ours at Amazon.com through Adorama, and if you’ve seen my blog, you know it takes good pictures, even if you shake a little or the lighting isn’t perfect. It also takes short videos, but I haven’t really used that function yet. It’s small, fairly lightweight, but performs like a champion under lots of picture taking stress, lol. It was around 100 bucks, but look for coupons or slightly used and it’ll be less than that. Another bonus of this camera? It takes regular batteries, so it’s cheap to replace the AA batteries instead of photo batteries.

    I am so glad that it began working again. Nothing worse than not being able to take pictures….well, there are worse things…..like being without chocolate for a day or Hershey’s going out of business….

  2. Do you think you could have it fixed? That might be cheaper than buying new – especially if you really like the one you have now.

    I like it ok. I really would prefer a Nikon D80, but those are about $1,000. I will just continue to use this one as long as I can.

  3. CC, check out WM for cameras. Hubby gets a discount there doesn’t he? That should certainly help. I wish that you could wait until Thanksgiving to get a new camera as then there will be some really great deals.

    (((((CC))))) and lots of prayers as well.

    That is what I most likely will do. I am just looking for suggestions on brands.

  4. Just wanted to add our old camera was a Canon Powershot and I HATED that thing. This one piece kept breaking off that was necessary to turn the camera on, and you couldn’t rig it to work without it. The picture window was tiny, and it took really fuzzy pics if you didn’t stand perfectly still. So I would avoid that one unless you are really patient. I always prefer HP products if I can afford them, but even if you don’t plan on going with HP, go to their website, go to digital cameras, go to buyers guide, go to “find it by usage”. This will ask you pertinent questions about how you use the camera and what you want to pay, and will give you options that fit your specific needs. That way, even if you don’t buy an HP, you can look at what features would be important for your useage needs, and find that in a cheaper version. Make sense?

  5. Can’t help you out any on brands of cameras. I bought mine from Grandpa M. a couple years ago. It isn’t real fancy,but takes good pictures. It is a Sony Cybershot.

  6. So sorry about your broken camera! My problem is I never have batteries! I pray you can find one that is in your price range.


  7. I purchased a refurbished Kodak from the kodak website for about $80. Its a point and shoot with a zoom and for what I want it’s great. The refurbished ones are much cheaper than a new one and they come with the same warranty as a new camera.

    By the way, I LOVE your blog. 😉

  8. I might be able to help…

    Ms. D came over just last week to see if I wanted to buy her digital camera.

    I have one so I said I would keep my ears open for anyone in the market.

    If you would like- I can get the details and let you know what exactly she has- but I am sure we can get a price of UNDER $100 for it whatever it is. : )

    Just let me know- email or blog- you know where to find me! LOL

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