October 12

It all began with Legos.

About 8 years or so ago, I became rather fed up with stepping on Legos in my bare feet, picking up dolls, Barbie cars, Barbie shoes, Hot Wheels, shoes, socks, and other various assortment of things off the floor after the chips went to bed, so I began to implement a new tactic. The confiscation box. It started out that whatever toy or thing~~I confiscate shoes too~~I picked up was mine till they could “buy” it back. Each toy cost .05. That didn’t last long as the chips were penniless, and soon thereafter they were toy less. Toy less children = bored children which in turn = mom pulling out her hair, and I like my hair thankyouverymuch.

Since they didn’t have any funds, and I hate to dust, light bulbs began bursting above my head. They can purchase their toys back with chores. Perfect! I’d have them dust, or sweep the bathroom. Something small, but something they hated to do. The object was for them to remember not to leave anything out. Secretly I would hope that one of them would leave something out at least once a week, so I wouldn’t ever have to dust again. Sadly for me, they learned their lesson, and my house returned to it’s normal dusty state.

As they got older and their attitudes began to get more…snarky, I instituted “Cheerful Heart Chores”. If they couldn’t do whatever was asked of them with a cheerful heart, they would have the privilege of choosing a chore from the Cheerful Heart jar. These chores were more detailed than just dusting. The jobs are more disgusting for them, but oh,how my heart rejoices when they choose one. I think I have mentioned before that I am lazy.

In this jar there are 18 glorious chores like, scrubbing toilets inside and out, mopping the kitchen floor on your hands and knees, litter duty for a month, laundry duty for a month, washing out all kitchen cabinets and putting everything back neatly, and my favorite…wash all windows inside and out.

As they got older, they began to realize that getting stuff confiscated was not a good thing for them, and they would make sure that all their stuff was picked up before going to bed. Good for them, back to work for me.

This week, however has been a good week for me. I have confiscated the girls purse and sun glasses, the boys cell phone, wallet, car keys and pocket knife. I haven’t had to dust, mop the floor, clean the trim or the banisters, and best of all…dusting the entire house, top to bottom.

Last night before he went to bed, the boy made the circuit of the living room twice to make sure that he remembered to pick everything up. I am so glad that they are learning, but in about a month or so, I will need them to forget again.

How do you get your kiddos to pick up?


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9 thoughts on “October 12”

  1. LOL Love it!! So CC, after they have learned their lessons and you need someone to dust, do you sneak into their rooms and grab something and throw it on the floor? I know you are not that mean, but you could be that desperate when it comes to dusting. LOL

    I line up the kids, set the timer for 15 minutes, and they run to pick up like mad. IF they clean the entire room in 15 minutes they either get chocolatechips or a nickle, they pick. 😀

  2. I just tell them what to do and they do it, I guess the wrath of mom is not good for them, I only have to yell at them occasionally about their rooms, and when I do they remember for weeks on end.

  3. It’s not the kiddos I have a problem with. It is the head honcho himself. I never have been able to train him completely. I think my boys take after me. Tanya, just get some get well cards and set them around. People will think you are too sick to do housework!

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