October 3

Yesterday, the daughter and I were out shopping for this upcoming baby shower cake I am doing for my mom. We had a great time, by-the-way. When I got home there was a message from Beverly.

Beverly is my best friend from high school. She is the only one, as a teenager, that I allowed to have a deep and abiding place in my heart. Being a preacher’s kid, and moving from place to place, you begin to not allow people to have a places in your heart, let alone deep and abiding ones. I think that is why I love the internet so much. I have internet friends. They are real, true, friends, and it doesn’t matter if I move, or they move, they will still be there! yeah!

Anyway, when we moved to Moore, Oklahoma, I was 15.10 years old, and entering the 11th grade. I met Beverly standing in line to sign up for an English class. She was this little bit of nothing with this GORGEOUS hair hanging past her waist. I fell in love with her that very minute. We started a conversation and have never looked back. Bev was born in Africa,which I thought was the coolest thing in the world…next to her hair. We spent countless nights at each other’s house, eating, laughing, and sharing our deepest thoughts with each other. Her parents introduced me to Curry Chicken~~had I known that curry is HOT, I would have just eaten the salad, thankyouverymuch!

Bev taught me a lot about faith, encouraged me to be a better Christian, and an even better friend. She encouraged me to home school, and was there for me in the beginning when I would get discouraged or had 45 bazillionhundredthousandmillion questions. Bev is a lifetime friend. She is one of those that once you meet them, they are forever etched in your heart and soul. You can not speak with them for years, but when you catch up with them, it was like you had spoken just yesterday.

Bev made me this for me a few weeks before we moved. It has hung in every house I have lived in since I received it, some **cough…cough…** years ago.

Bev called back a bit later and we caught up some, and after 2½ hours, life demanded our attention. You know…laundry, and kids wanting food. Actually it was more like 30 minutes in the conversation but hellllllo, I’m on the phone. I don’t understand their problem. I had already fed them once. It isn’t like they need fed more than that in a day…sheesh!

It was absolutely wonderful catching up with her. It wasn’t enough time, but we will do it again. I love you Bev!!

Do you have a lifetime friend? How old were you when you met?

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  1. No, I don’t have a friend from my childhood. I made friends, but they didn’t last. My father was in the Army and we moved 32 times before I graduated from high school. I have a friend now, Marci, who I have had for the longest time that I have ever had a friend. We met in Florida and now we both live in Ohio within 15 minutes of each other. 😀 I’m glad you have Bev. 😀


    I have a friend like that. Her name is Kristina. We met when we were 8 and we still keep in touch, even though it’s been almost 30 years since we met. At one point we lived an hour from each other, but since we moved away, it is no more. She lives near Cincinnati.

    When we were little, we would make up commercials together with products laying around the house. It was so much fun!

    Great memories….thanks Tanya!

  3. How can you say something like, “Baby Shower Cake” and then expect us all to concentrate? (Neat post about old friends. Aren’t they just the greatest?)

  4. Happy Birthday CC!!

    I’ve had a few friends that I really connected with but the ones from before marriage I haven’t talked to in any fashion in a long time.

    I have a few friends now that I think will stand the tests of time.

  5. Friends like that are wonderful! One is Aunt Karen. Would you believe when we met she was pregnant with Shane and I was pregnant with you. Another is Violet, we met when I was pregnant with Andra. (As a matter of fact she watched you when I was in the hospital giving you a little sister.) With both of them, when we see each other, it’s as if the miles have never separated us! It’s also that way with sisters…they are my dear friends too.
    BTW…Happy Birthday again! Love you

  6. Yes, I have a very dear friend. Her name is Becki. We have been friends for nigh onto 48 years. We were in each others weddings and her son is my godson and we go for long periods of time not seeing each other, but when we do see each other it is just like never being apart. Did you get my card? Again Happy Birthday. I love you soooooooooooooo much.

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