September 30

Did someone say Stromboli?

People go to the fair for many different reasons.

Some go for the rides.

Some go for the animals. This little filly was just the sweetest thing. The only other person in the horse barn thought we were kooks! He just didn’t appreciate how much I love horses.Just how gaga I am over the soft sweet noses, the smell of their sweat, the beauty of them running in a pasture…yeah! I’m a kook!

Some go for the arts and crafts

and quilts

did I mention that there were quilts there?


I go to the fair for one reason

and only one reason.

Greasy french fries, funnel cakes, deep fried snickers, and Stromboli.

Why do you go to the fair?

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10 thoughts on “September 30”

  1. Where are the pictures of the real important things like tractors,combines,plows,cultivators……where are they???

    Sorry dad, I didn’t visit that building. I aaaalmost did, but we were in a hurry, and I wanted to get to the horse barn.

  2. Why do I go to the fair?
    The last few years it’s been because I’ve been working the fair by helping w/judging in the crochet division (not as a judge but a helper) or by taking tickets at one of the gates at the fair. Doing this gets me free tickets to the fair, parking passes and time to enjoy the fair.

    I also love some of the venders that I can only see at the fair. I’m not big on the rides but I love the free stuff you can get at the fair 🙄

    Of course some of the food it great too. I had 2 of the cheesecakes in a cone this year. If this phenomenum gets to your fair you’ve got to try it.

  3. I don’t get to the fair anymore. Hard to go with Uncle Jim moving so slowly. The fair would be over before we got going! Cheesecake in a cone? Sounds like something I would like to try.

  4. I am out of the cultural loop – what is Stromboli?

    If we go to the fair, it is usually because the kids have begged us to and we have given in. Then we spend the time following them from ride to ride and forking out about a gazillion dollars in the process. When we walk out the gates we make a mental note to never do it again…until the next time.

    If I could go for me…I’d go and see the horses. 🙂

    Stromboli is like a pizza enclosed in the crust… a hot pocket.

  5. I used to rent space at our local fair each year but since I stopped doing that years ago, I really don’t go to the fair unless mom wants to go. So my answer would be.. I go to the fair for mom. Our local fair usually lands on her birthday or thereabouts and she likes meeting her daughters and grandchildren at the fair. We usually walk around, then eat some hot dogs and apple fritters. The apple fritter line is always very very very long.

    Spill it! Why did you put in your rented space at the fair???

  6. Was that an Ohio State sweater the boy was wearing in picture one???

    No……you are wishing to hard, dad. It was his Junior Fair Board windbreaker. He was so upset when they voted on the colors for that, and then he had to pay $30 and was forced to wear it the entire week.

    I giggled the entire week.

  7. Deep fried Snckers!? I had to google that just to see if you were joking. You weren’t. Wow! Those sound sinfully good. Did you eat one for me?

    I don’t think I will be having one this year

  8. Living in the armpit of the south, we don’t go to the fair around here. I would some day like to take my boys to the Kansas State Fair…now THAT is a fair! I would go because I am very nostalgic about the fair. We had a lemonade stand at the fair, right off the midway when I was in high school. Free admission, a cash drawer and a very generous Daddy. HAD a BLAST! Of course, we worked, but that was fun, too. I like to see everything!

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