September 29

Because I just know that you all are about to crawl out of your own skin with curiosity about my life, I thought I would show you something that blesses my heart every Monday through Friday.

As you know the boy and I wog (I walk, he jogs) every weekday morning.  He laps me a couple of times, cause he jogs, and he is faster.

I stand at the center of this intersection and wait for him to get to the top of the hill.  Sometimes I am slow and he waits for me. Sometimes he is slow and I wait for him.

It is the top of that hill, by the way, that I take most of my sunrise pictures.

This one is taken from the top of that hill.

Aaaaanyway, we have this tradition…we wait for each other, wave our arms wildly to each

and if I should fail to wave to the boy, he becomes so melancholy that I have to promise to never forget to wave again, kiss his feet, and purchase him lots and lots of espresso.

It blesses my heart to know that I mean so very much to him, that if I don’t wave., he is truly crushed.

I love my boy!!!

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5 thoughts on “September 29”

  1. You are indeed lucky to have a great relationship with your son and your daughter.

    There is so much “bad” between parents and children that I wonder where it all went wrong between them.

    I actually and honestly believe that it is nature and not as much nuture (although that is an important part). When one makes babies with the wrong person it is a recipe for disaster.

    I would tell all the young girls out there to be very careful who you pick. God is an important part of a family and if you pick a non-believer you are setting yourself up to pay a high price with the rest of your life!

    Always be in tune to the signs of future problems. Remember, your son can be born an almost exact clone of your husband… by nature! When you add that to the influence a father can have on a son – like teaching him against God (telling the son that the Bible is not true and God does not exist), well, you can have more problems than you can handle!

    Be warned – pick wisely

  2. So where is your house in relation to that hill?

    I’m glad that you and the boy care so much for each other. There are too many parents who don’t know where their children are. There are too many children who don’t know where their parents are or if they even love them.

    Hopefully Monday I’ll have a surprise for you. 😉

    Our house is 3 houses down to the right of that picture.

  3. It is too bad that your family’s love for each other is so unusual… 😀 As for kissing the feet, maybe you could just substitute a chocolate bar for that… 😉

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