September 28

It used to be funnel cakes, then it moved on to Italian Sausages, then to the fries. After they came out with deep fried Snickers….well, you just gotta understand….chocolate + batter + deep frying = one very happy Chocolatechic!!!

My Friday Burning Question is what is your favorite fair food?

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16 thoughts on “September 28”

  1. It must be a southern thing. They fry anything you can imagine down here. It costs more to get your food broiled or grilled then it does deep fried… Have you ever heard of deep fried biscuits? straight out of the can? I have a deep fryer & I hate it. I’d rather use it outside because it stinks up the house & it is sooooo bad for you. Why would any sane “yankee” FRY a Snickers bar??????????

  2. Well, I don’t remember ever going to a fair in the States. The last time I went to something like a fair was in the early 1980’s in Spain. I think what I am thinking of would be sort of like funnel cake. It was some kind of dough that was squeezed into a huge caldron of hot oil in a spiral and fried and then covered in chocolate syrup or powdered sugar. And it wasn’t really a fair, it was the weekly Gypsy Market… Oh, well… I guess I haven’t been to a fair.

  3. I guess that Alaska is made up of so many different groups that the foods are all here plus many unique to Alaska.

    We’ve had the fried candy bars, twinkies, and porkchops as well as corn on the cob, funnel cakes, elephant ears, tamales,turkey legs, salmon & halibut in various ways. We have the gyros and apple fritters. We’re just a huge melting pot up here. 😆

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