September 27

The other day the boy and I were bored to tears. We fought over took turns with the camera.

I decided to do a montage of the many faces of the boy.

What? Are you kidding me? I’ve got things to do, places to go, people to see!!!

Come on, son, just a small smile?

There! That’s much better.

I’m done now mom. Please. put. the. camera. away!

He really just wanted his turn with the camera and I was being selfish motherly and suggested he go do those things, find those people, go to those places, if he wouldn’t let me photograph him! Or at least go make me another apple pie!

Do you have a front porch?

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13 thoughts on “September 27”

  1. Those are great pictures. 🙂

    Yes, I have a front porch and it is lovely. I don’t think I would own a house without one. 😀 Our porch is a wrap around, but it is a mess right now. I am hoping by next spring it will be the way I want it.

    My favorite thing to do on the porch, is sit out there and watch a storm go by. We did that as a family when the hurricanes went by a few years ago.

    I see your outdoor oven there. Is there something cooking in it?

  2. Great pictures!

    We do have a front porch. I love sitting on the front porch swing, drinking coffee, watching the horses play across the road. 🙂

  3. We have a porch, though it’s small. It’s quite entertaining to sit out there and watch the neighbors (unsupervised children). One time, I came home to see a little brother sitting IN the basketball hoop, crying, while his other brothers/cousins were throwing basketballs at him. Then the grandma came out and yelled at them all.

  4. No, unfortunately we do not have a front porch. But, we have a crumbling set of concrete steps.

    We DO have a wonderful back porch, though, where we can watch the deer and the bunnies play.

  5. I have a front porch I would like to use, but no chairs to sit on – no scratch that…. Right now there is a seat… the back seat to the van is on the front porch waiting patiently to be put back in the van.

  6. No. Just rickety old steps leading into a rickety old mobile home. Someday before I die I would like to have a porch. I like sitting and chatting with people I love.

  7. Great pics of the boy!

    I wouldn’t say that I have a porch but I do have a deck (anyone know the definition of each?). I like to sit out there and do whatever but this summer I didn’t due to the birch that was milking all summer it will be coming down here soon before a wind storm brings it down.

  8. Funny boy pictures!

    Yes, we have a porch. I don’t use it between mid-June and about now….too hot and too many mosquitos. It is not a pretty porch, but it is on the project list.

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