September 24

There are some lessons that every girl must learn early in life.

First and foremost,

chocolate tastes good!

Helping other’s pays off.

Multitasking is inevitable.

Big brothers are important!

It doesn’t matter

how cute your hair is from one day to the next,

you will still have a bad hair days.

And last but not least…maybe, just maybe…

your dreams will come true.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!!

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16 thoughts on “September 24”

  1. My,my,my,my,my.Where has the time gone? It sems like only yesterday and we were bouncing her on our laps.Happy Birthday K. I love you and wish you all the best. Aunt’LUCI”

  2. Happy Birthday my sweet, precious, wonderful niece! I am starting to feel reeeeeeeeeeealllllly old now. Gee, I wonder how it makes your mother feel šŸ™‚

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