September 21

Gas. It must be gas. It has to be gas. I can not live without gas!!!

I have always been a nosy sort. Just ask my parents. I would ask them questions and they~~especially my dad~~would just call me “niby”…short for nib nose. It was their way of telling me to mind my own business. I have never been able to learn that one. I don’t think I ever will.  I am nosy…plain and simple.

Because of this wonderful trait that I have inherited from my mother’s side of the family….Friday’s will now be “Burning question” day.

So! My Friday Burning Question is….

Which do you prefer, a gas or electric stove?

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22 thoughts on “September 21”

  1. Our stove right now is electric, but I have cooked with gas in the past….I think I prefer electric though. I have a terrible habit of just laying things down too close to the stove and a gas stove would just catch the stuff on fire. I set a towel on fire before on a gas stove. Not fun.
    So, electric for me….only for safety’s sake. 🙂

  2. Gas, so I can cook tortillas right there on the burner. Electric, so I can walk away from food without it burning so easily. Gas, so when I want high heat, it’s there instantly. Electric, because the temperature is more regulated.

    Oh great. My drean kitchen will probably have to have both.

  3. Gas seems os much more Martha Stewart and Emeril. I think gas is better because all the Rachel Rays of the world use gas….therefore, it must be the best….however, I have only used electric (I can’t help it that I am poor white trash)

    We are talking about cooking right? Cause personally, for me, I would never choose to have gas….I can really be smelly!

    Go Forth And Gas!

  4. I was raised with gas..We now have elec. I can cook exceptionally well on either….Gas is prefered…if elec. goes out,you can still cook and have heat..
    You can roast marshmellows on gas….try that with elec…

  5. I prefer a gas stove. I’m in need (not want) of a new stovetop, but I think I’m going with one of those flat electric stovetops…for the ease of cleaning.

  6. I like the new combo stoves – Gas Cook Top and Electric Double Oven with the Convection feature and a warming drawer. The best of both worlds. I guess that’s why they created them.

  7. I do not actually have a preference but hubby does. He prefers gas. So when we do buy a new range it will have a gas cook top, electric oven that will be a convection as well as convention one. Hubby also wants the stove top to be a 5 burner one. 🙄

  8. Jerry would love to have a gas stove BUT I do the cooking. He already has 3 grills. I do not like to cook on gas. I’ve always thought the flames were too tempting for little ones, the burners are too easy to turn on & I don’t like lighting a pilot light. We had gas when I was little & I was always afraid Mom would blow up the house lighting the pilot light. Jimmy used to catch toothpicks & marshmallows on fire on our stove. I was so happy when Mom got an electric stove.

  9. I like COOKING with gas but hate CLEANING my gas stove! If I had my choice, I would get a stove like the one you gave to your mom!

    However, we bought the stove when we bought the house, so until we move (in the next 2 years or so) I’ll continue to have my gas stove!

    (Plus, because I’m so used to cooking with gas, it’s easy to burn stuff when I am cooking with electric!)

  10. I guess I’ve always preferred electric. Although after watching cooking shows I think gas would be nice.

    When your dad and I first got married he wanted a gas range. (That’s what Gma Teal used) That scared me because I was afraid I would burn everything. We ended up with what the cook wanted…Electric!

    Growing up, and one time or another we had both. The last was electric so I was more use to that.

  11. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Now you’re cooking with electric!” 😉

    I prefer gas. I grew up with it. I like to see the flame. 😉 We had electric when we first got married, but when we bought this house (13 years ago) went back to gas.

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