September 18

After almost a 6 weeks of inactivity, the neighbor’s yard has sprung to life.

Very early the other morning, sounds of earth being moved was heard inside the Chocolatechic house.

I didn’t even have a load of laundry on my line yet. They had already been at it for about an hour before I snapped this photo. Excuse me…….guys??? When you are finished there, my yard is a little lumpy, could you smooth it out? Please?? I have some chocolate over here.

You can see that they’ve finished the headers on over the windows, and are moving very quickly along. I think they might want my chocolate.

OH! MY! GOODNESS!! Particle board??? for joists??? I have never seen such a thing.

They are going to have a very nice room. I want a very nice room.

Sub floor going down.

And now a rubber roof??? I guess they aren’t going to be getting their nice room for awhile. Hey! Hey guys!! Over here!!! Hellooooooooooooo…..I need a nice room!!! Come talk to me when you are finished. I’ll decorate you a cake, and we can be friends.

Do you have a room in your house that you would like to have remodeled? What would you do if money was no object?

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16 thoughts on “September 18”

  1. If money were no object, I would sell and move and build from scratch. A sprawling one-story house with no basement, no attic, no stairs at all. About ten large bedrooms for all my projects, a HUGE kitchen with attached HUGE pantry and attached HUGE summer kitchen. A covered, screened breezeway linking the house to the gardening shed/greenhouse which would be right beside my extensive organic gardens… sigh. 😉

  2. I have a houseful of rooms that are in the process of some degree of remodeling and some in dire need.
    Money, not an object?
    -knock out some interior walls
    -gut the kitchen and start over…gourmet all the way, baby
    -extend the bedroom side of the house – more knocking down of walls
    -finish about half of the attic and add another bedroom and a family room
    -hire a decorator, an architect, and a landscaper & a gardener
    -big brick & wrought iron fence along the roadside with security gate
    -radiant floor heating, solar water heater, a windmill
    -new, bigger, better sunroom with a hot tub – let’s redo the patio while we’re at it
    -something would have to be done with the exterior
    -finish repainting the inside walls & have new baseboards
    -hire a mason to place some stone on the entry walls
    -add a water garden in the front yard
    -of course, I would need a new car in the driveway, too. 🙂 A Lexus would do nicely.
    Now, if I just had a piece of your yummy and beautifully decorated cake to go with this little daydream, life would be good…………aaahhhh.

  3. If money were no object I’d build a beautiful house in Alaska! It would have 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 stories, family room/den in the basement. I would have a beautiful, stainless steel gourmet kitchen with all the gadgets! A 3 car garage (2 for the vehicles & one for the mower, bicycles etc).
    This beautiful house that we would be building in Alaska would be in the Chugiak/Peters Creek/Eklutna area. We would have 3 acres of land.

    Ahh….I’m ready! Calgon, take me away!

  4. If money were no object then I’d have a Ford Excursion, need something big and heavy w/4-wheel drive to get around in up here and that could tow the travel trailer or boat trailer for outings (I guess that we’d have a new Dodge pickup to haul the 5th Wheel 🙄 so the EX. could pull the boat).

    And we have the money to buy the 20+ acres that we want and build from scratch our dream shop, for hubby, and house for the family.

  5. We id a huge additon on our house nine years ago. Four years ago hubby tore out the master bath to remodel. The toilet still sits out behind the shed and we’re without a master bath!

  6. If money were no object,I would have a log cabin built on a little plot of land just outside of town. I would have a big porch to hold lots of rocking chairs for all of us to sit in and rock away.Then I could sing “Little Cabin in the Woods”

  7. ACK!! I think the particle board joists would have to GO!! YUCK!! Talk about asking for trouble!!!!!

    Our whole east end needs remodeling – and not just because we are tired of how it looks. The guts needs to be removed down to the joists… ugh. :\ Don’t know if we will ever do it, maybe we will in a small affordable way. (Can affordable and home remodel co-exist?)

  8. The particle board joists are not actually particle board, they are called “Lambeam” Short for Laminated Beams. They are usually specially made to an engineers spcifications for load bear, and other structural considerations. They are made using a special laminating proces and will out last any particle board, orientated strand board (OSB), or ply type boards. Because they are laminated they they are not subject to rot the way dimensional lumber or even timbers would be.

    Now, if money were no object, a second floor, terraced backyard, detached garage, Turn the current garage into a laundry room and family room, turn my room and the other room next to it into a master suite with much bigger closets, and a detached summer kitchen. OH yeah, and lets not forget the raised bed organic vegetable garden in the backyard. And of course, a maid/cook to keep up with it all.

  9. I am not worthy of your building knowledge! My husband is a plasterer and I know more than what I care to know.
    Money no object? To get this house finished!! And then I would fly everyone from blogworld so everyone could meet just to say ‘nice to put a face with the name and thankyousomuch for making me laugh!’ Gee, should I put world peace too?? 🙂

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