September 17

So, yesterday the boy and I went to our cake decorating class. Let me just say that we are having a BLAST!

Saturday was spent making 4 cakes and at least 23 batches of icing. The first batch of cake that I made, yes! I said FIRST…because I was making 4, 9″ cakes, I had to double the recipe….and I am thinking in my head 1 ¾ doubled is 3½…or is it? So at the same time I am measuring out the sugar and counting the ½ cups I am dumping into the butter, I am also thinking “is 1 ¾ doubled 3½?” so my brain is stressing at this point…and I add way to much sugar to the ½ pound of butter. So…

I began again, this time…solely focusing on 3 ½…3½…3½…! Cooled the cakes, made 2 of the 52 batches of icing and gave my cake a scholoping of icing.

At this time we were all rushing out the door to go to a memorial service for a beloved friend. When we got home, I smoothed it out.

I could just eat the cake this way. Forget about extra icing, forget colorful details, forget roses or leaves or vines or writing…….just give me cake already!!!

I learned something new. I learned that clear piping gel smells like chemicals and smelly feet, and that there is something to, licking way to much icing, and to little decorating supplies.

I don’t know if you can see the clear lines on the cake, but that is the clear gel. It came in really handy.

Fill in all the areas with whatever color you like. These are the colors that the boy wanted…which is good because these are the only colors we had…well, I had purple, but it wouldn’t have matched anything else. And what man wants to decorate his first cake with purple???

I have added all sorts of fun stuff…but there is still something missing.


I gave it to the neighbor man. I hope he enjoys it.

Next week, we are doing cup cakes. I am excited about that.

How should I decorate my cup cakes?

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16 thoughts on “September 17”

  1. Chocolate icing with chocolate shavings and a nice swirl of chocolate whipped cream on top and a chocolate cookie sticking out of that. Maybe even a light dusting of cocoa powder over all that. 😀

    Your posting about cake decorating classes has cause my friend and I to start wanting to take a cake decorating class. 😉

  2. I say pick a theme that you like and go wild with it!
    Chocolate is a good theme 🙂

    Maybe roses, or teacups, or footballs, or leaves, or anything that you just really love.

  3. Which neighbor…HOMER or the ones who let their dog poop in your yard??? You’re a good, good woman, either way. 🙂

    The cake looks wonderful!! I love, love, love rainbows!!! However, I would’ve liked the purple on mine. 🙂

    You’re doing great!

  4. Sadly, Homer~~aka Mr. Crotchity~~is in the hospital, and most likely won’t come home again.

    It was the pooper neighbor. They have ~~other than their dogs pooping in our yard~~have been good to us, so I want to show my appreciation. That, and I really don’t have anyone else to give cake away to…

  5. You did a great job on the cake!

    Here is one way I smooth out my frosting, I take a paper towel or two depending on the size of the cake and place the pattern (bumpy) side down on the cake. So make sure your paper towels have a nice design imprinted on them. Then smooth over the paper towels with your cake knife and then carefully remove. Your cake will be nice and smooth with the pretty paper towel design in it. It amazes people when they see the design and they can’t believe that it was done with paper towels. Just make sure the frosting is not tacky when you put the towels on.

  6. Awww, I’m sorry about Homer.

    That’s good about the other neighbors. I’m glad you all get along (except for the pooping situation). I’m sure they’ll enjoy the cake. I know I would. 😉

  7. I think you did a great job on the cake!

    Cupcakes…Uhmmmm…don’t think I have any special ideas. The ones in previous comments sound pretty good to me.

    Sorry to hear about Homer? Was the robbery too much for him?

  8. Now why in the world would a son tell his father that he couldn’t visit his wife’s grave?

    The cake is beautiful, you both did a great job, Kirs didn’t go??

    Cupcakes….do cupcakes w/surprise inside and then smooth icing and then decoration for fall or summer.

  9. Your cake is lovely!

    I don’t have any ideas for cupcakes. I don’t make cupcakes very often because they never turn out. They are always short & squatty and not shaped well at all!

    Sorry to hear about Homer.

  10. I think a nice full fall flower would be nice. You did a nice job on the cake. How much does it cost to send cupcakes to South Charleston?I don’t know about Homer, but sorry to hear of his situation. Love you.

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