September 13

I was a delinquent in my youth. Yes, Miss. Prim and Proper, Miss. Everyone-must-follow-the-rules, Miss. The-worse-thing-I-could-have-done-to-anyone-was- to-stick-out-my-tongue-at-them, was a delinquent.

When I was in 3rd grade, we lived in a house in North Lewisburg. Memories of this place are very vague~~hey! I was only 8~~ save 2 very vivid ones.

1. I stole .78 from my teacher Mrs. Smith’s desk. I don’t remember taking it, but I do remember my parents finding the money. I had hidden it in my dresser drawer. The same dresser that the girl now uses. I don’t know why I had stolen the money, but dad came with me to school to make me return it. Thanks dad. If it weren’t for you, I might have been a jewel thief, or bank robber, or in Europe somewhere dabbling in espionage, drugs, and the mafia.

The second most vivid memory of that place was the dream. I had overheard a conversation between my parents about the fact that the house had termites. To a child of 8, and only knowing that termites ate wood, this was very frightening, and I began to have “the dream”.

My sister and I slept on white bunk beds. I on the top and she on the bottom. In the more horrific version of this dream, the termites had munched the floor of our bedroom so much that the weight of our bed caused the floor to collapse, only underneath our bed, and we both went down into the pit. The pit was a bad place full of creepy, crawly termites, dirt, grime and spiders. We couldn’t get out. I would begin to suffocate and then wake up. To this very day, anything that is creepy or crawly has my instant disdain, abhorrence, and I commit murder on them any time I can. Sorry dad, you didn’t get all the delinquent out of me.

The second version of the dream, dad and I were in the house and the termites had munched at the floor so much that we heard creaking and groaning. Dad told me to stand in the doorway and hold on to the sides. Just as I got to the doorway, all of the floor gave way save the thresholds where we were standing.

I have never been one to remember much. I live life, and most of the details are quickly forgotten. That is why I love pictures so much. They bring back the memories for me. I don’t know many other people like that. I guess I just take life as it comes and remember only the big things. Like creepy crawlies, like thieving .78, like having the entire upstairs as our play house, getting a baton as a just-because gift, and getting stung by a wasp on my back in during evening devotions. I loved living in that house, but I hated the termites that had me terrified every night.

What do you remember from when you were 8?

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  1. When I was 8 or 9, our family had very little money. I needed a pair of shoes really bad and wanted these kind called “Kangaroos”. They had a little pocket on the side that closed with velcro or a zipper that said “ROO”. You could put coins or something in the pocket. I wanted those shoes so bad, but was convinced we couldn’t afford them, so I never even said anything to my mom about them. I remember one day I was sitting in school and they called me down to the office. My mom had gone shoe shopping for me on her lunch break and wanted to bring them to me at school. She bought me KANGAROOS!!! I was so excited! I didn’t think she knew anything about those shoes or that I even wanted some. I really felt loved at that moment.

    Another thing I remember is, when I was about 16, every night at 10:00, my mom and I would watch the old sitcom “Donna Reed”. That brings up good memories. I also remember during one of the episodes, a commercial came on for Finesse Shampoo. I casually mentioned that I would like to try that sometime. The next day after work (she was an assistant manager at Walmart), she brought me home some Finesse shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t even think she was listening to me when I said I’d like to try it. That memory stands out for some reason. πŸ™‚

  2. 8 years old. . . second grade . . . my brothers were playing hide and seek in the garage with neighbor kids. My one brother knocked over a can of paint, then tried to hide it by covering it up with a sleeping bag. My step-dad found it and was (understandably) livid! He was going to whip every one of us because my brother wouldn’t confess, so I ran to my Mom and held on for dear life while she was on the phone. I learned the truth shall set you free! I didn’t know a thing about paint, sleeping bags, or hide and seek and said so. Dad read the truth in my face, said, “All right, then” and moved on.

    My brother confessed when we were in our teens. The rat.

  3. When I was eight, we lived in Giessen, Germany. In school, my class was in a temporary building in a pine wood. At recess one day, we were playing house and I was the baby. I had to lay down and put my head on a stump. It wasn’t long before the whole neighborhood knew that I had put my head in an ants nest! During that year, I also remember singing the song, “Rain, Rain go away” for the first time and thinking it was so cool. πŸ˜€ I also got in a fight with “Karen”, the little snotty redhead that just got on my nerves all the time. We were in the sandbox and I pulled her hair and she cried and I got in trouble. That night, I had a nightmare about a huge tortoise hanging from the ceiling above my bed and it had Karen’s face. She had all her hair pulled out and blood was running down her face. That was a chaotic night for our family. :-/ I don’t remember ever seeing Karen again, but I will never forget her. There was also the girl who lived downstairs from us who was always fighting with my little brother. I would get between them, crying, and scream, “Stop! Stop!” Playing marbles for keeps; hamsters; skiing; stealing apples and getting shot at; etc. Boy! What a nest of memories you have stirred up!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. I remember a few nice things from that age.

    One thing I remember: Every single weekend we would go camping on my Papaw’s farm. The entire family would go. The kids would ride 3-wheelers until morning. Ever play hide-n-seek on 3-wheelers with no headlights in the middle of the woods? Hehehehe! We had so much fun!

  5. When I was eight we were living in Colorado Springs, Dad was doing his 2nd tour of Viet Nam. I was in 2nd grade in an open concept school where I really didn’t like my main teacher. My best friend’s birthday was just 3 days before mine and her mom made both of us Barbie birthday cakes – hers was a brown haired Barbie with a pink dress (really my favorite color not hers) and my cake was with a blond Barbie (the dolls had the color hair we had) and either blue (now my favorite color) or yellow dress – I really don’t remember that part.

    We left for Alaska the beginning of Feb. just 2 months after my 8th birthday. I was so angry at my parents for forcing me to move. I begged my best friends parents to let me stay and live with them – Dad said no way.

    I also have a vivid dream from that year. I’ll have to blog about it though as I don’t want to eat up more space here. πŸ˜† anyway it gives me a good topic as my mind has been blank lately – not that anyone probably has noticed. πŸ˜‰

  6. As for the dreams that I remember from childhood, I had two dreams that have stayed in my mind. They were both of my mom leaving me. As I got older, I realized that I had those dreams about the time I went to kindergarten and Mom went to work. Those dreams really scared me back them.
    As for memories of when I was 8. I was sick for several months and wasn’t allowed out of bed or out of the house. That was not a good age for me.

  7. Was I ever eight years old? I guess I had to have been. I remember thinking there was a monster in the kitchen and screaming for my dad to come. He came into the bedroom with a butcher knife covered in catsup. He had slain the monster and was my hero. I think later years I told him he was my hero. Now my precious Mother is!!!!!!!!

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