September 12

I love old things….old buildings, old people, old furniture, old books. They strike a chord, deep inside me.

This is where my son works. 99% of the buildings down Main Street are all well over 150 years old. This building is situated right next to the building I fell in love with the first time I ever went down Main Street.

This old, very gracious, very lovely, 125 year old Victorian mansion. Every day I go by this building and I see it’s old splendor I could just weep. It’s beauty is just dying to get out. I can feel it’s shame.

At present, it is a preschool.

If I were to ever get rich, I would buy this building and rescue it. I would rescue it from the little mermaid, I would wash all the grimy hand prints off it’s windows, I would restore the inside to it’s former glory.

Look at this glorious architecture. Look beneath the grime and imagine it’s once-upon-a-time splendor.

I wonder who looked out these windows. Were they happy, did they eat beef, did they long for air conditioning?

I would tear down this offending fire escape, and demolish the extra building they have added on. Disgraceful! I am sorry lovely house…they shouldn’t treat you this way. You deserve better.

I wonder who made these beautiful windows that are being hidden by all the dirt and grime. Were they paid well for their craftsmanship? Did the owner make them tea and crumpets?

No one cares for this house. Does it know that I do?

I would pay workers to strip off all the peeling paint, and repaint it all, I would have them scrub all the dirt and grime from each and every brick and stone.

I wonder how many servants lived up in the attic. Was there a butler named James, and a cook named Hilda? How long did it take to sweep the floors and polish the banisters?

See this lovely Veranda……oh the wicker that belongs on this porch….I could cry. Did they have lawn parties and barbecues? Did they drink mint juleps or have high tea?

Hold on just a little longer. I am saving my pennies. You need me.

What speaks to you?

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15 thoughts on “September 12”

  1. CC, I just love your blog! It is always so interesting!

    I absolutely love that old house!

    I also love older things. If it’s an antique, I’ll love it!

    Hubby also says I can ‘sniff’ out old Blue Willow from miles away. LOL!

  2. Sweetie,You are in the NORTH!!!!!
    You have to come down here with me to have verandas & lawn parties & mint juleps. Are you actually a Southern girl down deep?
    I do agree with you that the house would have been beautiful in its time but it is a Yankee house & the structure outside is a porch.

    ***My dearest aunt…….pbththththththth Love, your favorite niece***

  3. We have a 120 year old brick house that we are restoring. Get a bucket o’ money and then have a bag o’ money for when that runs out. But it will be beautiful when we are finish but secretly I think Jesus will come back before that happens. Sigh.

  4. That is a beautiful building and deserves some love and attention to bring out the memories that lie beneath the dirt and grime to be loved once again.

    I understand the need for the fire escapes but they do take away from the charm of the building.

    If ever you are able to buy that building and restore it, you could make that into a lovely Bn’B one day (the boy could cook for you 😉 )and I’d make a point to come to Ohio for a visit and stay with you. 😀

  5. Our pressure washer and (us? we?) will be right there.

    There’s a building here in our town, and I feel the same way about it. Of course, it is in TOWN, so it doesn’t speak to me as much as the bunkhouse at the ranch. . . .

  6. My dear, could it be that it’s age strikes a chord with you because you, my dear are getting uh hum…. older???

    It is a beautiful house. I would come and restore it with you. Maybe help you run the B&B. I could be your maid 🙂 Oh, wait. That would never work. You would go bankrupt on the amount of money you would have to spend on pledge alone. Think of the commercials I could do ;o).

    Not to change the subject too far… It is so nice to have my computer back. I have read over some of your previous posts. My dear, your age is catching up with your memory. You mentioned that we only were able to have cherios and (gag) raisin bran?!? What happened to the Captain Crunch (both crunch berries and peanutbutter), the Cookie Crisp, the Lucky Charms? What about the corn flakes we poured sugar over when certain people weren’t looking? How about the cereal that were little donuts – powdered sugar and chocolate – I loved those and I can’t remember their name. Me thinks thou doth need to refresh thy memory, O Victorian Sister…

    Love ya!!!!!

    ***Yippee…….the black screen of death is gone!!! I do not remember Captain Crunch. I do remember getting the Cookie Crisp once….and now that you mention it, I vaguely remember Lucky Charms…maybe you got all this after I went away to College.

    I miss your phone calls……..***

  7. There is an old house here in South Charleston that used to speak to me, but alas as fate would have it , it spoke to someone else with money and the means to clean it and fix it up. It was full of antiques. I took care of the lady who lived there up until I hurt my back ( 1993) She was 90 and was born in that very house. Her parents had lived there when they first wed. She was the only girl and youngest of 11 children. There were five bedrooms,a paror,large dining room,living room,(with a wind up Seth Thomas clock). Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be.

  8. You know how I love old things!!
    That house is beautiful!! I think you better save more than pennies to buy that place!!! LOL

    When I was in high school, I feel in love with a house that looked like it was about the fall apart. Someone bought it and restored it. They also added a carriage house behind it and sell wonderful decorating items out of it. This house has been featured in Country Almanac. Every year it is decorated for Christmas and they give house tours.
    Anyway, since then, I have wanted to restore a house. But the man I fell in love with has no desire to do the same. We do have an old house, but nothing special.

    BTW, when you buy the house, are you going to ivite everyone to come and stay!!

  9. Nope, we got the good stuff when we were young. I remember eating Captain Crunch as a snack when we lived in the house in North Lewisburg. I think I was about 4 then.

    I might call you tomorrow. Joel has a doctor appointment – allergy testing. I get to goop up his upper arms in the morning. This will be sooooo fun! NOT!!

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