September 1

Can it already be September? Wasn’t it just 2 weeks ago I was chiseling ice off my car? At this insane, warp speed of time passage, I will turn 80 in 4 months.

The weather has been lovely these last few days, so I thought I would go sit out on the Veranda and try to see if I could get some better pictures of my hummingbirds.

He is looking at me wondering what in the world am I doing. I am wondering what in the world I am doing.

I don’t care what she is doing, I need some more hooch!

Aaahhhhhh….that’s good!

I love this one because you can see almost right through his wing. If I had a better camera, you could see right through his wing. My birthday is next month…….y’all know what is on my list!

About this point, I am reviewing pictures on the screen realizing that they stink, not only in quality, but in lighting as well, so I switched positions.

Much better for lighting composition. You can actually see his color. He isn’t happy that I am here. Little does he know that it is ME filling up his hooch every Monday. Ungrateful wretch!Β  Hold still so I can take a picture of you!!!

I have been reading some photography books, so I thought that while I was waiting on them to come back for more I would fiddle with the adjustments on the camera. Now that I know what some of them are for. It was taking awhile for the birds to come back, so I thought that I would get a picture of something so much more interesting than birds.

Wow! What a difference a few adjustments on the camera makes. Look how vibrant it all is.

Even better on the close ups too. This is The Lady. She is lighter in color than Squeaker~~the male~~ and also more delicately structured. Squeaker doesn’t like her to drink his hooch. He spends more time chasing her away than drinking himself. She is very skittish, so I am tickled that I was able to get a shot of her.

It is just about time for them to fly south for the winter. So, those of you further south, get out your hooch, and be on the lookout for Squeaker and The Lady. They will be the ones bickering about your hooch.

Take care of them for me.Β  I will miss them!

Do you feed hummingbirds?

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6 thoughts on “September 1”

  1. I am in Wisconsin and I have had my little feeder up all summer. No hummers…but then just this last week…one chubby hummingbird has been zipping by for a sip.

    I don’t know if it is just passing thru town…or perhaps it’s favorite spot ran out of juice.

    Either way. I’m delighted to see the liitle gal.

    Good job with capturing yours on film!!!

  2. I love the veranda sofa πŸ™‚
    I don’t have a veranda and the front porch/deck was not good to hand out on this summer due to the milking birch tree hanging over it (it will be gone after the first freeze this fall/winter). Hopefully next summer will be a good one to enjoy out there.

    I’d put out hooch for the greedy humming birds if they came up this way but I don’t think they make it this far north or west. We do put out seed for the chickadees that are are around year round but I’ve never tried to take their pictures.

  3. You have a tatoo?! The things you learn about people when they take photos of their feet! πŸ˜†

    We don’t feed the hummers. But we have a bush outside our diningroom window that attracts a few in the spring. No idea what kind of bush it is. (I don’t speak plant.)

    Nice job, tweaking your camera. :thumbsup:

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