August 17

Some sights from my morning walks.

I love to walk by this garden.

Getting it to look this nice has to take a lot of time.  She is a better woman than I!!!

This little English Cottage is gorgeous.

I want to live there, drink tea and wow others with my British accent!

Dontcha’ wanna come with me on a walk?

August 16

Yesterday morning on my daily walk, the sunrise greeted me.

Hello sunshine!!!

I am totally in awe of Gods majesty and beauty!  He creates this beauty just for us to see, and how many people go blindly by not looking at any of it!

Do you take time, daily, to marvel over creation?

August 15

I’ve been knitting.

I have been knitting the cutest pair of socks.

Baby socks!!!They are the tiniest, cutest socks I have ever seen!  I have them here, compared with the daughter’s sock.

Now before you all get excited, they aren’t for me. Our youth leader’s wife is having her baby in October. They are having a boy, so I thought that I would get some lace weight yarn and make some baby socks. They are sooooooo adorable!!!

Do you knit?   Do you wish you could knit?  Could you care less about knitting?

August 14

Well, plans changed. I didn’t go to Columbus with everyone. We met at Stuffmart to exchange some goods~~the daughter brought home some things of her aunts by mistake, and she also left somethings at my parents house~~, and hugs.

I don’t think sisters should whack each other with their purses. It just isn’t done! shakehead.gif

She’s not sorry either.

I know she is happy she did it. It’s a good thing I love her!

Have you been to Stuffmart in this past week?

August 13

Today I will be going with my parents to take my sister back to the air port.   I will be driving back, due to mom having back problems.

Even though she is taller than me, and thinner than me, older and wiser counts for something…right?

Are you the oldest in your family?

August 12

I write this today from my parents computer.

I am doing nothing but visiting with my sister.

The daughter had my camera all weekend, but tomorrow Iwill have tons to write about.

Do you take a nap on Sundays?

August 11

Things I have learned this week.

1. If you hang laundry out on Monday, make sure that it isn’t supposed to rain. Even if the weather station says there is only a 10% chance, they are only guessing.

2. If you laundry gets an extra rinse on Monday, and Tuesday, the humidity is 97%, don’t expect the laundry to be dry any time soon… especially if it rains on Wednesday.

3. If your laundry has been out there this long, it WILL be mildewed and you will have to wash it again.

4. If it has been this long since you have done laundry, then people will start to run out of clean clothing and begin to revolt. protest.gif

5. If you are slack in keeping your house picked up,

your sister might unexpectedly knock on your door. bliss.gif My house will remain cluttered and dirty till she leaves!!! happy.gif

6. It pays to be nice.

NotQuiteJuneCleaver awarded me the

It made me smile, it made me blush, and it made me want to eat some chocolate. Thanks so much! blush.gif The blog that I was going to nominate, has already received that award, but I will mention Quiet Life anyway.

7. Lastly, if that same weather station tells you that there is a 20% chance of rain, but only after 3PM, don’t believe it. They are still guessing. You go grocery shopping, leaving your windows down, because~~Hey! The sun is shining, and the weather said…~~When your at the check out lane, you can hear that it is POURING! Then and ONLY then do you realize that your windows are down and your umbrella is lying quietly on the floor in the front seat. sigh.gif