August 24

For as long as I can remember, mom has been a furniture rearranger, and I am kindred spirits with her in this matter. So when ma called and asked us to help her rearrange some I jumped at the chance to rearrange. Dad has had shoulder surgery, and mom ~~in the words of the locals~~ is “down in her back”.

I rearrange. I get bored, so I must rearrange at least 3-4 times a year. At least I did, till we moved here. This beloved house of mine is not built for rearranging, but it can and has been done. My men roll their eyes and try to find something…..anything else to do when I say to them “hey guys, I have a great idea…” They know what is coming next. Poor souls. They move couches, TV stands, book shelves, computer desks, chairs, and lamps, school desks, sewing desks, and beds. Sometimes they end up moving it back again. They are so good to me.

When I am old and gray, I will call my boy up and say to him “hey son, I have a great idea…” and he will sigh, and come to my house and move furniture for me.

Do you rearrange your furniture more than once a year?

August 23


Girl! What were you thinking? An apple??? Was it worth it?? Maybe……maybe a pan of iced brownies, but an apple?

For that apple, today I am doing laundry, yet again……sigh!

August 22

Someone commented a few days ago that they would come walk with me at sunset, so I am offering you an incentive. Come walk with me and we can walk arm in arm singing Sunrise, sunset…sunrise, sunset…swift fly the years…

from Fiddler on the Roof.

Speaking of Fiddler on the Roof, did you know that I was in our college production of Fiddler on the Roof? I was Hodel, the second daughter. My boyfriend at the time played Tevye. His brother was the butcher.  I also was in Our Town.   Those were the days.

I have done plays, skits for church’s and ladies groups. I love to act.

I have always been self conscious. How do others view me? Are they looking at my chin whiskers, do they see the beginning of a zit on my forehead, do I have a booger hanging out of my nose, are they watching my fat jiggle when I walk? But when I act……ahhhh all that is forgotten. The sheer joy of pretending to be someone else, to make others laugh or cry. That is pure bliss. It has always been something that I have enjoyed more than reading, more than knitting, and almost………..almost more than chocolate!

Were you in any productions in high school or college?

August 21

This past weekend, Roscoe Village was having their annual Canal Festival. Generally we go in the afternoon, but the boy had to work and we didn’t want to go without him. So we went later than usual. It was great because there was less crowds. I am NOT a crowd person.

There was music, but I didn’t pay much attention as I was focused on 2 things. 1. get to the House of G.A. Fisher to get my bracelet repaired…AGAIN!

and 2.

a sock knitting machine. This was absolutely fascinating!!! This sock knitting machine was from the mid-to-late 1800’s. You can read more about the sock knitting machine here

This woman was so sweet. She told us that her machine was from Canada. She has the original instructions and

a contract agreement from 1924.

You had to make the socks JUST SO or you wouldn’t be paid for them.

Basically, you turn the crank, and out pops a sock. I read on that site that you can make one sock in an hour. Cheaters!

The chips weren’t as impressed as I was.dry.gif That’s ok, I tortured them and made them stand there with me listening to the woman for about 20 minutes. That should teach them!

Do you think that I should have made them stand with me longer?

August 20

I can not get my photobucket to work today, so you will have to wait till tomorrow for the lovely post I was going to post.

This morning as I was putting away my clothes~~I hate doing that~~I noticed that my drawers aren’t as neat as they used to be.   At least my bottom drawer isn’t.   I need to work on that.

Are your drawers neat, or do you just stack things in there willy-nilly?

August 19

My daughter and I were watching something on TV yesterday, and one of the characters asked the other one “what would you do if you found a buried treasure”?

I think I would look at it for a very long time…..and touch it.

Then I would make list after list of the things that I would like to do with it.  First thing on that list would be to pay off the house so that the husband could only work 1 job.

So my daughter asked me, and now I am asking you….

What would you do if you found a buried treasure?

August 18

A few weekends ago, the youth group went to Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is about the only pretty part in our state.

He is having so much fun!!!

Anyone notice the stone wall that was hand built?

Told ya it was lovely!

They were supposed to go repelling, but the youth leader had forgotten that he chopped up his largest rope, so they bouldered instead.

He is definitely in his element here. His 2 favorite things, camping and cooking. Notice the duck tape on his boot?

I think I need a vacation now!

Do you enjoy camping, cooking or bouldering?