August 28

This week, we are replacing our sliding patio door. I think it needs it, don’t you?

I’m just really going to miss the eastern United States. Can you see it? This is about the only spot to see clearly out the window.

Pastor Grey, who is replacing it for us, is such a sweetheart. He fixed my wall going down to the dungeon. He did a wonderful job. He is also the pastor of a local church. He just had his knee replaced in June.  I think he is getting around very well.

It’s out. Looks like someone needs to harvest some herbs…..

I had no idea that wiring was going under there. See how old it is? YIKES!!! Pastor said that the reason that the door broke was because the man that put the other one in, just shimmed it up under there, and that it was sinking between the shims.

So, he put something solid under.

See that ghastly linoleum? I need something new. Maybe in 20 years it will be worn out enough to replace it. As it is, it is in wonderful shape and would outlast a nuclear blast.

Hello beautiful!!!

Do you like your kitchen linoleum?

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16 thoughts on “August 28”

  1. Praise the Lord, I can see!

    The door looks great.

    We have had our linoleum down for about 8 years and I still love it. I do have to admit though, that if dh said he wanted to put down laminate I wouldn’t put up a fuss. 🙂

  2. I had a whole house full of windows like that and was so happy to have them replaced. The view almost doesn’t matter….as long as you can see out! We have a slider door to replace too.

    I despise my kitchen linoleum. It is as old as the house (30ish) and it just beginning to show wear & tear. I would love to replace it with tile…in due time.

  3. Lovely view!! I hate, hate, hate, my kitchen floor. Unfortuately it is white,ceramic tile so it will also last a long time. Who would put white tile on a kitchen floor???? Someone who doesn’t drink coffee and have a black lab perhaps??

  4. Yes, your new doors are a nice improvement and what a surprising place to find a wire! 😯

    I like my vinyl floor, it was a second choice item, but it is very nice. 🙂

  5. Your new door is lovely! You have a great view.

    We do not have laminate anywhere in the house. It is all tile and pergo. I would like to replace or repair the pergo in the den, but that would require $$ and we don’t have any of that available right now.

  6. If I had kitchen linoleum, I would LOVE it. Alas, I have CARPET!!! 😯 I hate the carpet… I also have a carpet cleaner that has disappeared off the face of the earth and I have been canning tomatoes and my kitchen carpet is mottled gray and red and it is sticky and if I can’t find my carpet cleaning machine then I will have to get on my hands and knees and scrub it and … AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! never mind…

  7. Whew. By the way, your new sliding glass door is lovely. We had one that was pretty bad when we moved in, also. But, I must say, your old one tops ours. LOL! We got a new one and it is amazing how it disappears when I clean it. 😉

  8. Nice doors. Watch out for birds flying into it. I hate my kitchen flooring. I have replaced it twice in 32 years. I would just like to replace the entire mobile home. It is 40 years old. Almost ancient for a mobile home.
    I hope your house is happy.

  9. I like your linoleum. Mine is cheap white patterned to look like tile. It has lost its shine & needs scrubbed on your hands & knees way too often. It has gouges in it. Should be replaced but as this is not our “real” home & people don’t like their preachers to get too ‘uppity’ it will probably be replaced when they replace the old wornout oatmeal color carpet that they told us they would replace when we moved in.
    At least yours looks real & is sturdy…..

  10. Ahhhhhh, much better! 😀 Can’t wait to read your first post about one of the kids walking into the glass when the door’s closed. (Wouldn’t happen to you or your DH. Nope.) 😆

    I like my kitchen floor. It’s a reddish brick pattern that I chose when we remodeled the room 12 years ago. It’s kind of “homey.” Considering that you enter my house through the kitchen, it’s held up well over the years. 🙂

    Now, you really ought to sell those doors on ebay…is that the Virgin Mary I see? 😛

  11. We have carpet in our kitchen, I thought I would love the fact that I wouldn’t have to mop. I absolutely abhor mopping. We have carpet in the bathroom also. Now, I wish, I had NO carpeting anywhere in the house. It is terrible I tell ya.

    I hope you are positively delighted with your new doors. They look great!!!

  12. Glad that the new door is in and you can actually see outside w/o having to open the door.

    That is an odd place to put wires and I agree w/Pastor Gray that the other installer did a shoddy job putting in the old door.

    I like your vinyl it’s so much nicer than mine. We really need new flooring through out the house as it’s all original and about 24 years old.

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