August 27

My children think it is outrageously funny to subject me to movies that I deem stoopid! We will be watching a movie and I will say “this movie is so stooooopid”, and they will giggle, roll their eyes and giggle some more.

When it is movie night or they are bored with our limited selection, they will suggest that we go rent a movie. They will do more giggling and suggest any number of movies that will obtain some sort of reaction from myself. Here they are listed in no particular order…

  • Kicking and Screaming
  • Napoleon Dynamite~~although I did think it was funny~~
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Nacho Libre
  • most, but not all animated movies~~although I do love Finding Nemo because if we were to change my name it would be Dori
  • anything with Will Ferrel

Last night they asked if they could go rent a movie. They were bored. We had been discussing Pirates of the Caribbean so, I figured that they were going to get one of them.


I couldn’t have been so lucky! They brought home Flushed Away. A stooooooooopid animated movie. They handed me the movie and stood back, awaiting my reaction. I didn’t disappoint. So we watched it….all throughout the movie I would mutter “this is such a stooopid movie”. ~~ A few parts were cute, but not enough to reverse my “2 thumbs stooopid” rating. ~~ They giggled, rolled their eyes, giggled some more, and agreed with me….bad choice of movie.

Next time, “I” choose the movie. It will be Life is Beautiful for the boy, and a Rambo movie for the girl. That’ll teach them!

After said movie, the girl went and took her shower. No, she didn’t kick the faucet, but a full 1 liter bottle of shampoo fell on her foot. As I carried her to the couch, she whispered in the smallest voice “your my superhero”. This from the girl who maybe once every 2 months tells me she loves me voluntarily, this from the girl who was soooooo mad at me yesterday because I wouldn’t allow her to wear heels to church, this from my sweet baby….. ok, no Rambo for her.

How has your kiddo melted your heart recently?

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8 thoughts on “August 27”

  1. I actually loved Will Ferrel in Elf. It’s Ben Stiller I can barely tolerate, though Zoolander gave me quite the guffaws (and a quick fast forward). No one can yougoogle-ize like he can!

    My brave littlest one melted my heart yesterday! She’s pretty quiet around others, but she gathered her courage, went next door, and gave our neighbors tickets to her play. They actually came, and heard the gospel! She also did a fabulous job in the play, cockney accent and all!

  2. My kids pretty much tell me they love me everyday, but last night, Jeffrey (my 13 year old) asked me to dance with him when I went upstairs to tell him goodnight. We boogied a little bit, he twirled me and then we went to do the bump, and I knocked him across the room with my hip. LOL It was pretty funny. Oh, and recently I was outside playing basketball with him and he said, “I have the coolest mom in Latta!” That melted my heart.

    You know I’m a Napoleon fan (GOSH!) I like Will Ferrel in some stuff, but he can get a little crude.

  3. Nope. Jarrod is not one for heart melting. My little ones at school do every now and then. They look up at me with their big eyes and say,” Ms. Cindy,I looooooooooove you’. Yep, that gets me. Especially if I have just come down on them for something.

  4. I looooove Pixar films. 😀 Not a stooopid one among them. 😉 (Was the Rat movie Pixar? I haven’t seen that…it might be stooopid.)

    Melt my heart? My boys adore me when they’re happy. (HA!) My DD slightly more than tolerates me, so when she curls up to me on the couch sometimes to watch TV that really melts my heart. And then a boy comes and jumps on us. 😆 🙄

  5. Both of my kids melt my heart quite a bit. My son does more often, since he is the more sensitive one. He is an encourager, and always finds a way to pick me up when I am down – usually he doesn’t even know. Like one time I felt like the most horrible mother/ person in the world. I thought I had really messed up. But he sat down beside me (at 6 yrs old) and hugged me, told me he loved me and said that I was the best mom in the world. He didn’t know that I was having a bad day, he had just popped in the living room out of the blue and did this. I think God sent him!

  6. My kids do come to me now and then and melt my heart.

    To be honest it is my SS kids that do it every Sunday and some Wednesdays. They come running across the room, sometime our church gym, throw their arms around me to say; “I love you teacher!” Changes my whole attitude let me tell you. I love those kids so much.

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