August 26

Thursday, whilst in the shower, the girl kicked the faucet. She really bruised the top of her foot. It looked bad. I was hoping that she had learned a lesson~~don’t kick the faucet~~.


Friday evening, whilst in the shower, the girl kicked the faucet again……with the same foot……in the same place. dry.gif Yesterday morning, she couldn’t put any weight on it at all, so I showered…not kicking the faucet…and got ready to take the girl to the local doc-in-the-box as our doc isn’t open on Saturdays. The boy called as I was getting ready to ask me to bring him some papers, for work.

We hopped….ok, she hopped, I held on to her…to the car. shock_o_rama.gif Someone had been in my car. Everything that could be opened was. Luckily, there is absolutely nothing in my car of value, unless you think that 2 canvas recycle bags and 1 blue plastic IKEA grocery bag is valuable.

When I dropped the papers off to the boy, I asked him if he had been in my car. Nope. But someone had been in his. His door hadn’t been shut tight, and his things had been rifled through. sigh!

So, we went to the doc-in-the-box…yes, they do X-rays, but sorry, no one is here to work them, you’ll have to go to the ER. big sigh!! Over to the ER, I hoist the girl on my back to carry her in. I am so very glad that no one saw me, save the receptionist and she had the decency to hide her laughter, as this fat swollen woman piggybacked a 110 pound girl right past all the wheelchairs.

X-rays confirmed that her foot isn’t broken, just bruised pretty badly.

Back home at 11 am, I wake the husband up. “Go see if anything has been stolen out of your car.” I am good for waking the husband up in a variety of ways, and they all have the same affect. He is instantly awake. Once I woke him up chambering a round into our 9mm right next to his bed. Being an Army man, he knew that sound. He is so good to be fully awake in these instances. Once, when he worked 3rd shift, I was cooking lunch and yelled “Fire…fire….fire!!!” You’d think that being a mother of 2 little ones I would be calm enough to know what to do with a fire on the stove, but no…I froze. Every molecule in my body froze, and all I could do was scream. He is so good to be fully awake and come to my rescue. He learned very quickly to wear clothing to bed. Since he learned that lesson so well, he was able to come right down stairs to see that yes, indeed, someone had been in his car too.

So, today, the cars are locked, the house is locked, and the girl didn’t kick the faucet.

Do you lock your cars, even when you are home?

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  1. I never used to be I do now. If the doors are locked they would have to break the gas door to rifle with my gas tank and that would take a minute or so. Thank God for locking gas tanks.

    But I wonder if you should go make a police report? Glad the girls foot isn’t broken but it will take quite a bit of time to heal. Soft tissue is harder to heal than a bone. My wrist still hurts from last year. It has been 9 months now.

  2. Yes! I lived in Fresno,CA the stolen car capital of the world for several years. My car alarm went off about 5-6 times when I lived there and we found scratches all over the door. This happened in my driveway. As a kid I lived in the LA area so you HAD to lock you doors. It is very ingrained in me. I now live in a neighborhood with several police and fireman but I still lock the doors out of habit.

  3. Yeah. Sadly, we had a wonderful camera stolen from our car while in our driveway. How creepy is that? Our neighborhood isn’t the best ever, either. We’re hoping it will become one of those “quaint” places where people buy these old houses and fix them up.

    Agree with the police report. They need to be aware of what’s going on and have a record of it.

  4. Yes, we lock our cars. We moved up here from Central Florida. It is a habit that will be forever ingrained into us. We were shocked that people didn’t lock everything that was lockable when we moved here. We have been slack on the house, though. We live in the country and there are times when I find the front door unlocked (we don’t use it very often) and then think to myself, “hmmm When was the last time I used the door…” Then I lock it until the next time we use it and forget to lock it… LOL! I know the feeling about the car being rifled through, though. We had the truck broken into a little while ago. The lock was broken on the driver’s side. That was done in Columbus at night outside a meeting my husband was attending. All they stole was an empty bag that looked like a computer bag. The laugh was on them. 🙂

  5. Honestly, I don’t lock anything. Unless it’s at the church. We’ve had a few instances of vandalism at the church, and Gary’s utility trailer full of his carpentry tools was stolen 3 years ago. Gary also makes sure I keep the church locked while I clean. But here, no. We don’t even lock our house when we go on vacation. Probably should, but we live in a neighborhood where everyone looks out for everyone. If anything is suspicious, we look into it immediately! We also tell our neighbors when we are going to be gone, or if anyone different will be coming by.
    We are very protective of each other.

  6. Sad about the police.

    😈 People who break into other people’s cars are just…’ll delete what I want to call them so use your imagination.

    Sorry about the girls foot. Hope that it heals quickly.

    Unless the car is parked in the garage or we are in and out of the house during the day the car doors are locked. The house stays locked as well unless we’re in and out.

  7. Yes, we do lock the cars now. We lived in Las Vegas when we were first married and were in the habit of locking our vehicles. But when we lived in Alaska we always parked in the garage so we got out of the habit. We have had our cars pilfered through 3 times since we have lived here, we haven’t noticed anything missing but the glove box was hanging open and it was obvious that someone had been looking for something. Since then…the cars in the driveway are locked!

  8. Our cars are kept in the garage and we do not lock them. Our garage door is broken and in the up position until the parts come in and it is repaired….so the cars are locked at night.

    Our cars were “checked” many times while we lived in northern VA, but they were locked and nothing was ever stolen.

    I hate kicking the faucet…haven’t done it in years, but boy does it smart!!

  9. Definetly.We lock everything all the time. When I was a kid we never locked our doors at all. Back then Doctors made house calls, and we would go to bed and old Doc Ingling would mosie in about 2 a.m. and just walk on in.
    Sorry about Kirsten’s foot. Was she mad at the faucet?
    Sorry too, about your cars.At least they didn’t bust any windows or anything.

  10. We usually don’t lock our car doors. We used to, until we discovered that they were both broken! This was discovered in 90+ degree heat, 3 hrs from home, in a parking lot at the beach!!! We had unloaded all our beach stuff, locked the car & started walking. I remembered something I’d left in the car & we went back, only to find out neither door would unlock. We spent 2 hours trying to get into the car. Luckily someone had a coat hanger and the DH is very good at breaking into cars!!! 😀 Now, if we do lock it, the windows stay cracked & we keep a coat hanger in the trunk. Nothing of any value is ever in there.

  11. Sorry to hear about Kirs’ foot! How does one kick the faucet in such a way that causes injury? Was she dancing?

    I think I’d be sick to my stomach if I found out someone had been in our vehicles. 😦 They’re parked right outside my kitchen door, so it would especially creep me out to know that someone was that close to the house. 😯 One vehicle is regularly locked; the other sometimes. All folks will find in the van is garbage and renegade french fries. 😛

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