August 24

For as long as I can remember, mom has been a furniture rearranger, and I am kindred spirits with her in this matter. So when ma called and asked us to help her rearrange some I jumped at the chance to rearrange. Dad has had shoulder surgery, and mom ~~in the words of the locals~~ is “down in her back”.

I rearrange. I get bored, so I must rearrange at least 3-4 times a year. At least I did, till we moved here. This beloved house of mine is not built for rearranging, but it can and has been done. My men roll their eyes and try to find something…..anything else to do when I say to them “hey guys, I have a great idea…” They know what is coming next. Poor souls. They move couches, TV stands, book shelves, computer desks, chairs, and lamps, school desks, sewing desks, and beds. Sometimes they end up moving it back again. They are so good to me.

When I am old and gray, I will call my boy up and say to him “hey son, I have a great idea…” and he will sigh, and come to my house and move furniture for me.

Do you rearrange your furniture more than once a year?

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  1. Nope! Takes more energy than I have to spare. I don’t have furniture slaves like you do to do the work for me. There are times when I wouldn’t mind rearranging, though.

  2. That used to be one of my favorite things to do, but since moving here I don’t do it that much anymore. I just rearranged my bedroom a couple of weeks ago, for the first time in four years.

  3. Hmmm. . . .I could probably say yes, but I haven’t kept track. I just know people come over and say, “Didn’t that used to be over there?”

    The worst is when we buy a new piece of furniture. The entire house ends up rearranged because of an end table or something!

  4. I love to rearrange furniture!

    When I was growing up I would rearrange my bed room quite often and sometimes the family room as well. Dad wouldn’t let Mom do the living room, dining room or bedroom because there was no need since he found the perfect arrangement right off the bat. πŸ™„ The only time the living room gets rearranged at their house is if they get new furniture.

    At this house I usually only rearrange once a year for Christmas. Since it is only for a short time I don’t count the putting it all back after I take the tree down. This year I just have to figure out where to put the tree. πŸ™„

  5. I guess I’m just weird…I couldn’t care less about rearranging furniture. I put it where I want it & want it to stay there forever ,but Jerry likes to rearrange I never like the way he does it.
    I remember once when my dad was working nights & Mom had rearranged the bedroom furniture. He came home, didn’t turn on the lights, went to sit down on the bed & guess what—-It wasn’t there….. He was not happy….It was one of the few things they argued about while they were married.
    I guess maybe hearing that story over & over again must have given me an aversion to rearranging furniture.

  6. Not really.

    But I had a babysitter who would move the furniture in my living room all the time.

    Isn’t that funny?

    She also did my laundry so I didn’t mind the moved furniture :o)

  7. Yeah… I like to rearrange furniture. I don’t do it all that often, though. I always seem to at Christmas time, though!

  8. I use to move the furniture by myself until we got a VCR then a DVD and of course the computer. I don’t like to mess with the wires!

    Chip or Annie do you remember when I moved Dad’s office from across the street when we lived in Missouri? I don’t know where your Daddy was, maybe a ministers meeting or something, but when he came home the office was in the first bedroom (across from your’s chip)

    Ummm…do you suppose carrying the 6′ bookcase across the street on my back could have anything to do with my back now? (probably not)

    I think Daddy would prefer to help me because he doesn’t want to weaken the sofa, chairs or dinning table

    One things for sure…the house gets a deep cleaning each time I move the furniture!!!!

  9. I love to arrange and rearrange furniture. I remember the same story Sandy about Mom and Dad and the bedroom furniture. Living in amobile home there isn’t a whole lot of room to move too often. My son is like your guys Tanya, he just rolls his eyes and gets out the bengay.

  10. I absolutely love to rearrange furniture. You can tell when I am sorta depressed or bored either one. My hubby will come home and try to sit and well, one time he ended up almost in the entertainment center so, he has learned to look. I have rearranged bedrooms and the kitchen and the dining room the living room anything that can be moved has and will be. I rearrange my living room about every 2 months. Sometimes less time. I totally love it. Oh yeah, I think I already mentioned that. he he

  11. I do love to rearrange! But I haven’t done it in my living room for a while because we found the way it sort of has to be. But bedrooms and offices are fair game and change often!

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