8 thoughts on “August 23”

  1. DH and I were talking on the phone the other night. I told him that I now appreciate the amount of laundry that he does. I didn’t realize that he did so much laundry for me. He needs to get home and get back to that. 🙂 I hate laundry.

  2. Thing is we don’t know for sure that it was an apple. It might have tasted even better than iced brownies because the world was still perfect then. 😉

    Your absolutely right, my son. However, it was fruit, and not chocolate, so that doesn’t count. It also still doesn’t take away the fact that I am STILL doing laundry, and a good portion of it is YOURS!

  3. LOL!!! You don’t know how much I agree! That reminds me of a Sunday school class a long time ago. I sighed and said that if it wasn’t for Eve, we would be frolicking naked in a beautiful world with no sin. The ladies were shocked into silence and then they burst out laughing and said, “Well, what do you expect from Ginny!”

  4. She got you!!!

    There are many days when I too blame Eve for my troubles, usually they are the ones that are specific to women that God actually laid out. Frequently I blame both Adam and Eve (always the serpent which is why the only good snake is a dead one 😆 ) because she did listen to the serpent and didn’t ask Adam what he thought she should do. Adam because he wasn’t man enough to say no when asked or even to stop her.

    But I know that I am the one truly responsible for my actions today…..sure wish it were someone else’s fault but……

  5. I agree with JoAnna. How difficult could it be to wash two fig leaves? I think the only person I know that liked to do laundry was my mom. She used to sing and wash and sing and hang clothes out and sing and iron. She doesn’t understand my dislike for the iron and ironing board.I have been married for 35 years and am on my second iron. That is only because I let my sister borrow mine and I told her to keep it and I bought a new one.

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