August 22

Someone commented a few days ago that they would come walk with me at sunset, so I am offering you an incentive. Come walk with me and we can walk arm in arm singing Sunrise, sunset…sunrise, sunset…swift fly the years…

from Fiddler on the Roof.

Speaking of Fiddler on the Roof, did you know that I was in our college production of Fiddler on the Roof? I was Hodel, the second daughter. My boyfriend at the time played Tevye. His brother was the butcher.  I also was in Our Town.   Those were the days.

I have done plays, skits for church’s and ladies groups. I love to act.

I have always been self conscious. How do others view me? Are they looking at my chin whiskers, do they see the beginning of a zit on my forehead, do I have a booger hanging out of my nose, are they watching my fat jiggle when I walk? But when I act……ahhhh all that is forgotten. The sheer joy of pretending to be someone else, to make others laugh or cry. That is pure bliss. It has always been something that I have enjoyed more than reading, more than knitting, and almost………..almost more than chocolate!

Were you in any productions in high school or college?

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7 thoughts on “August 22”

  1. Yes, I was in our highschool play. I can’t even remember what it was called though. All I can remember is my stage name was “Sister Woman” and I was a stuck-up snob! I forgot my lines in one part, but I had so much fun and really enjoyed it! It was a comedy, I do remember that much.

    Tanya, I’m sure you are a talented actress and if I ever met you in person, I would only notice your grace and beauty.

  2. I wasn’t in any high school productions, that crowd got too “artsy” for me, but I did several in junior high.

    I’ve been in several church dramas and I love doing them. I won’t get up and sing but I love speaking parts. I too like the idea that it isn’t me up there but a character using my body to come alive. 😆

    Thanks for the walk. I really should get out and take some pictures of what both parts of the day are like up here.

  3. Oooh,pretty. . (the sunset, not the chin whisker. I have enough of my own).

    Hmmmm. . . I think I helped make the set for Bye Bye Birdie. My friend BT played tenor sax in the orchestra. She was good like that.

    We also did the Princess and the Pea. “I’m in love with a girl named Fred, YEAH!”

  4. Beautiful sunset!

    I was never in any school plays. I played in the band, that was my moment in the spotlight so to speak. My sister was a drama queen, she was in every theatrical production available when we were in school.

  5. I’ve never been in a play, but they sound so fun. However, I am regularly at the mirror pulling chin whiskers. Someone recently told me, “You have a candle in the window,” which is a euphemism for “boogie in the nose.” Ever hear that?

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