August 21

This past weekend, Roscoe Village was having their annual Canal Festival. Generally we go in the afternoon, but the boy had to work and we didn’t want to go without him. So we went later than usual. It was great because there was less crowds. I am NOT a crowd person.

There was music, but I didn’t pay much attention as I was focused on 2 things. 1. get to the House of G.A. Fisher to get my bracelet repaired…AGAIN!

and 2.

a sock knitting machine. This was absolutely fascinating!!! This sock knitting machine was from the mid-to-late 1800’s. You can read more about the sock knitting machine here

This woman was so sweet. She told us that her machine was from Canada. She has the original instructions and

a contract agreement from 1924.

You had to make the socks JUST SO or you wouldn’t be paid for them.

Basically, you turn the crank, and out pops a sock. I read on that site that you can make one sock in an hour. Cheaters!

The chips weren’t as impressed as I was.dry.gif That’s ok, I tortured them and made them stand there with me listening to the woman for about 20 minutes. That should teach them!

Do you think that I should have made them stand with me longer?

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19 thoughts on “August 21”

  1. I remember when you were that age and younger,that when your mother and I would stop and talk to someone for a while ,the whining would start…..I’am bored….can we go now…place yourself in there shoes…

  2. Maybe you should have them write a report on the old-fashioned sock knitting machine. See how much they paid attention. Tee Hee Hee!!!

  3. No, that was probably long enough. What you should do is make them do research online on it and then find you one and buy it for you. Or for me. πŸ˜‰

  4. Hey, that was a nifty site about the sock machines. I had a friend make a set of thigh-high stockings out of wool for me on one of those. They were nice! However, now, after many years, they are moth-eaten. 😦

  5. Dean looks like he’s deep in thought….I wonder what he was thinking???? Either that or in deep pain from having to endure it (LOL)
    Kirs looks like she’s thinking mmmmm if mom gets one of those…think of all the beautiful socks she will make for me!

  6. Have to agree with Gramps on this one. I try, key word is try, to spend as much time where they are interested as I make them spend time where I am interested. Also I prefer going to places like yarn shops with out the kids or hubby – they will tell me that I have enough yarn. :surprise: I don’t think that is possible.

    This Roscoe Village sure seems to have a lot happening there in the summer months.

  7. I probably would have let them wander, but there wasn’t much to wander too. Just about everyone had closed up shop as there was a parade in town and everyone wanted to go see it. Hence the “no crowds”.

  8. Ooooo….I want a sock knitting machine too.
    And the fabric on the woman’s apron.
    I adore that!
    (you can tell I am a quilter by my eye for fabric, no?)

    When I force my children to tag along to quilting or knitting things…I buy them some food.

  9. CC – Just a note as I was looking at the last photo again of the kids. K is maturing into quite the young lady. I pray that her inside and outside match one another in sweetness and sensitivity. She just looks like such a caring person. I know another young lady up here that is very much the same, just isn’t appreciated by most of her peers for those wonderful gifts of God’s.

  10. Hmmmm. . . if 50 minutes per day per subject equals a Carnegie Unit to count toward a highschool credit, I’d say you should have asked her about the yarn as well to fill the extra 30 minutes.

    Or, like me, you can toss Carnegie and his Units to the wind and just enjoy learning about cool stuff, so that means 20 minutes was fine.

  11. I am sure you have spent lotsa minutes with them , doing things you weren’t really into. It’s payback. You sure do go to a lot of neat places.

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