August 19

My daughter and I were watching something on TV yesterday, and one of the characters asked the other one “what would you do if you found a buried treasure”?

I think I would look at it for a very long time…..and touch it.

Then I would make list after list of the things that I would like to do with it.  First thing on that list would be to pay off the house so that the husband could only work 1 job.

So my daughter asked me, and now I am asking you….

What would you do if you found a buried treasure?

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9 thoughts on “August 19”

  1. I would probably think it was a mirage and in no way was it real. I am so not lucky like that.

    But, if it was for real and I found it. I would pay off the house get a good car and then save, save, save.

  2. First, it would depend on what kind of treasure it was. If it had historical significance then I would call the Smithsonian and let them check it out.

    If it was treasure that I could keep as my own then the first thing I would do is buy homes for all of my children (3). Then I would buy vehicles for each of them. Then we would go shopping and furnish their homes. Then I would hire yard men for all three of them to maintain their outdoors. Then I would hire maids and cooks and nannies (as required). I would set up accounts to pay all of their expenses through automatic draft and set up college funds for the grandchildren (2 girls)

    Then I would pay off all of my debt, buy a camper and hit the highway!! There is so much that I want to see and if they were set up I would feel free to do some traveling.

    My children are 37, 35 and 30 (one boy – the youngest). My grandchildren are both girls 16 & 10.

  3. I would probably see if there was a curse on it that would make me turn to the un-dead…..JK 🙂

    I would tithe on it first. Then I would use it to buy a new car and pay for all of my schooling and pay off Mom & Dad’s house and buy Dad a H2 and Mom a Chrysler 300C and invest in a large Wal-Mart gift card to pay for all of the gas that we use. Then I would give the rest to my employer to invest in her business.

  4. I would tithe on it first. Then pay off all my bills, pay off Jarrod’s schooling, help him get a car( he’ll need a good one if he’s moving to Minnesota or some other far away place) then go see our grandchildren in California. Oh, yes, see their parents too. Then I would retire to a nice condo and rest for a while.

  5. Wow!!! All those unselfish people…..I would pay off every bill I had, then I would buy the kiwi green VW Bug I have wanted forever. I would let Jerry buy each of our grandsons -to- be the trains he wants to get them & one for himself & if he would sell that stinkin’motorcycle I would buy him the car of his choice( within reason). If the treasure were large enough I would fly ALL of my family back to a beachhouse on the outer banks til we got sick of each other. If I still had money left I would build a new fellowship bulding for our church, but first I would bribe Mandy to give me custody of Jordyn. I would also buy out the baby stores for the grandkids. I would get (my)Jeremy & Lissa reliable transportation , get Jeremy out of his in laws house & fly to see Amber & Sarah & mom & cindy & Willie whenever i felt like it.
    Now don’t you hope I find a big buried treasure??????Oh I would also get my sisters & their hubbies, & Jerry & I homes to retire in. Preferably somewhere between Tennessee & Myrtle Beach, maybe condos so the guys won’t have to do maintanence in their advanced ages

  6. What a fun question! I would prepay my childrens college education, make a substantial donation to the church, and invest the reaminder so that we could live comfortably off the interest in our golden years.

  7. Get down on my knees and thank God for such a blessing. Tithe 10% to my church, pay off our house & debts, set up trust accounts for my kids, pay off hubby’s parents’ debts, buy hubby that new Dodge Cummins Deisel that he’s been wanting :roll:, buy me a new vehicle (not sure which one right now I’d need to do some test driving) and I’d get us a nice RV to travel in wherever we chose to visit.

    I’d do some traveling to visit dear family and friends 😀 you know who you are. So much I’d want to do, and it’s fun to dream but like Jessica mentioned – it wouldn’t happen to me.

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