August 14

Well, plans changed. I didn’t go to Columbus with everyone. We met at Stuffmart to exchange some goods~~the daughter brought home some things of her aunts by mistake, and she also left somethings at my parents house~~, and hugs.

I don’t think sisters should whack each other with their purses. It just isn’t done! shakehead.gif

She’s not sorry either.

I know she is happy she did it. It’s a good thing I love her!

Have you been to Stuffmart in this past week?

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16 thoughts on “August 14”

  1. Well, it looks to me like she should have done it. She should be proud. Yep, that’s what I say. Yes, I have been to Stuff-Mart for school supplies. I hate the place. It makes my stomach hurt.

  2. Yep, went yesterday and will have to go again today. @@ (my rolling eyes smiley!) LOL YOU taught it to me!

    And Tanya, I’m sure you did NOTHING to deserve getting whacked by your sisters purse!!! @@

  3. I haven’t been to stuffmart this week. Last week it was pretty gnarly, with all the moms shopping for school supplies. Since we home school, we have the luxury of waiting until everyone’s back to school and then buying it all on sale! πŸ˜€

    BTW, I LOVE your sister’s purse. Where did she get it?

  4. She looks like she enjoyed whacking you with her purse. Kind of proud of herself!

    I haven’t been to Stuffmart in almost 2 weeks. I try to stay out of that place! The one in our town is always crowded and dirty. The one in the next town over is better, but stuffmart is just not my favorite place to shop!

  5. I was there some time last week, I can’t recall when. I kinda like going in there. Right now I see it as a challenge to find what I’m looking for – they have been working just over a year now to add on and remodel it into a Super Stuff Mart! Friends will tell me that they couldn’t find something in there, I’ll ask what they were looking for, go in and find it for them. πŸ˜†

    I’m wondering why your sister hit you with her purse. Could it be that you said something offensive? Did you speak poorly about her shirt or purse/bag (by the way I have a similar one only it’s purple not pink πŸ˜‰ )? If so you deserved the hit. If she hit you because you are shorter than her….well I hope you whacked her w/your pink bag as well.

  6. Nope, no stuffmart for me and Jessica, but I do send my hubby there all the time. He was there a couple of times last week to buy crabitat supplies for our terrarium πŸ˜€ .

    Are you sure your sis purse whacked you? She looks to be the quiet innocent one….lol.

  7. Was there on Monday. I am sure it was an accident that Andi hit you with her purse. She is such a sweeeeeeeeeeeeet girl. Maybe if she was provoked into doing it?

  8. I have been spending an above average amount of time & money at StuffMart lately. I have at least one more trip there this week, as the birthday boy has money burning a hole in his pocket. @@

    I think Andra meant it when she whacked you! It seems that when sisters go shopping….someone will get whacked. It is a good thing when it is not a stranger!

  9. Sisters…Gotta love ’em!!!

    Yes, I have to go to Stuffmart and hand over much money tomorrow.
    BTW, what did we do before Stuffmart came along?

  10. “BTW, what did we do before Stuffmart came along?”

    Went to Pick ‘N Save. Did I just aged myself?

    CC, if you have to hunt for a bruise on the arm, then your sister didn’t hit you hard enough. Next time hold still, so she can get a better aim. πŸ™‚

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