August 13

Today I will be going with my parents to take my sister back to the air port.   I will be driving back, due to mom having back problems.

Even though she is taller than me, and thinner than me, older and wiser counts for something…right?

Are you the oldest in your family?

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15 thoughts on “August 13”

  1. Yep, I am the oldest. My sister and brother have both the brains and the beauty, but I paved the way for them when we were growing up. They owe me! LOL

  2. No, my Dad is the oldest in my family. :cheesygrin: Ahem, I am next in line though.

    That is a lovely picture of the two sisters! I love sister pictures!

  3. I am the youngest of 8 girls. My oldest sisters use to always introduce me as their BABY sister for years. It would irritate me so much. Well, now it is backfiring, since they are my OLDER Sisters and I am much younger!!! hehehehe

  4. I am the oldest by seven years with just one half-sister – we have the same mother and it doesn’t feel like “half” because we grew up together and I couldn’t love her more. I have one older brother that I never met and two younger brothers that I never met. But, I guess they don’t count in the whole older thing since I didn’t grow up with them and have never even met them!!

    Now that we are both in our 50’s we just seem like sisters – older doesn’t seem to come into play anymore like it did when she was 7 and I was 14.

  5. I am the oldest. I have two beautiful sisters and one brother. Being older does not always mean wiser. Take it from me.

  6. I’m the youngest of 4 girls and I loved every minute of it (I still do….LOL) However, my sister closest in age to me (by 13 months) and I were always treated as twins and called the “babies”. 🙂

  7. I heart sisters :o)

    I am the middle child.
    But my sister likes to give me slack about it.
    She is eleven months older than me and the last babies were twins.

    I still don’t care.

    I am the middle of seven.


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